Birth, Number 3, 1960

Burroughs contributes three quotes to this dual-issue on drugs, edited by Tuli Kupferberg.

Published in New York City by Birth Press/Tuli Kupferberg in 1960.

Bibliographic Information:

  • M&M C21, C22, C23
  • Shoaf III.17
  • Not in Schottlaender (v4)
  • Raven 19600000BIRT.0.3, b1

Contents (aside from the many quotes peppered throughout the two volumes):

  • Book 1:
    • Tuli Kupferberg: Introduction: A Word from the Guide
    • Ted Joans: Travelin' (poem)
    • Louis Andreatta: Untitled (My Best Drunk is my Daddy) (prose)
    • Faith Beiley: Untitled (prose)
    • Walter Cannon: 2 Poems
    • Allen Ginsberg: from Journals, Sunday, April 19, 1952
    • Marc Schleifer: Untitled (Only scoffed one button) (prose)
  • Book 2:
    • Tuli Kupferberg: More from the Guide
    • Marc Schleifer: Untitled (Finally decided to turn on...) (prose)
    • Walter Cannon: Poem
    • Sherman Drier: drawing
    • Joe Gould: The Tomato Habit
    • Marc Schleifer: untitled prose
Publishing Information:
  • Editor: Tuli Kupferberg
  • Assistant Editor: Sylvia Topp
  • Associate Editor: William Godden
  • Editorial Assistant: Stella Tohl
  • Design: Sylvia Topp
  • Lettering: Ray Johnson
  • Offset: Allen Scott, Esthetic Press, NYC


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