Fact, Volume 2, Number 6, November-December 1965

Includes “William Burroughs: High Priest of Hipsterism” by Ronald Weston, pp. 10-17.

Published in New York City by Fact Magazine in November, 1965.

This copy formerly in the collection of Darin Scope.

Bibliographic Information:

  • Shoaf IV.16
  • Not in Schottlaender (v4)
  • Raven 19651100FACT.2.6
  • Thomas R. Brooks: "Why 7 out of 10 Cops Will Use the 3rd Degree" (essay)
  • Ronald Weston: "William Burroughs: High Priest of Hipsterism" (essay)
  • Raymond Mount Jr.: "Muzak: Chewing Gum for the Mind" (essay)
  • George Cotes: "The Psychopathology of Nuns and Priests" (essay)
  • Robert Anton Wilson: "Don't Go Away, Mad" (essay)
  • Warren Boroson: "The State Legislature as a 2-Ring Circus" (essay)
  • Eric Norden: "Bring 'em Back Alive!" (essay)
  • Donald Lee: "Seduction of the Guilty: Homosexuality in American Prisons" (essay)
  • Arnold J. Toynbee: "John F. Kennedy's Place in History" (essay)
Publishing Information:
  • Publisher: Ralph Ginzburg
  • Editor: Warren Boroson
  • Art Director: Herb Lubalin
  • Copy Editor: Iswar Subramanya
  • Executive DirectorL: R. Clifford Webster
  • Contributing Editor: Eric Norden
  • Circulation Director: Richard L. Dunn
  • Promotion Manager: Myra Shomer
  • Subscription Manager: Paul Feingold


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