The Second Coming, Volume 1, Number 3, March 1962

Burroughs contributes “one chapter from The Novia Express”, pp. 44-45.

Published in New York City by The Second Coming in March, 1962.

This copy acquired from Division Leap (Langlois, OR.).

Bibliographic Information: 

  • M&M C42
  • Shoaf III.32
  • Schottlaender v4.C46, v5.C46
  • Raven 19620300TSCO.1.3
Selected Contents:
  • Yosal Rogat: "The Measures Taken: The Eichmann Trial and the Rule of Law" (essay)
  • Steve Kowit: "Concerning Birds" (poetry)
  • Anthony C. West: untitled poem (poetry)
  • W. Eugene Smith: "Ku Klux Klan Portfolio" (photography)
  • Roland Barthes: "In the Ring" (essay)
  • Robert Hollander: "Pardon Me, Kenneth Koch" (poetry)
  • Douglas Woolf:
    • "Cougher" (prose)
    • "Fair-Weather-Wise" (prose)
  • Richard Howard: "The Old Men Playing Bocci on Leroy Street" (poetry)
  • Larry Rivers: "Portfolio Drawings" (art)
  • William S. Burroughs: "one chapter from The Novia Express" (prose)
  • Alfred Eichner: "Trial by Myth" (essay)
  • Susan Sontag: "Piety without content" (essay)
  • David Gurin: "The spontaneous order of cities" (essay on Jane Jacobs)
  • John N. Morris: "The outside story" (essay on Malamud)
  • Clement Greenberg: "How art writing earns its bad name" (essay)
  • Michael Steinberg: "Bach himself again" (essay)
Publishing Information:
  • Editor: Samuel Pitts Edwards
  • Business/Advertising: Jack Rennert
  • Editors: David Brady, Erwin A. Gilkes, David Rosand, Ken Sobol
  • Associate Editors: Roy Hyrkin, Roger J. Larde, Kathleen Marshall
  • Art Director: Tony Palladino
  • Production: Harry Chester
  • Associates: Rosellen Brown, Debra Cole, Alice Davids, Robert Gillespie, Andrew Jaffe
  • Business Associate: MArie Basalone