Out, Number 10, February/March 1994

Includes “Rebel Without a Pause”, article and about Burroughs by Gary Indiana, photographed by Rick Gillette, pp. 82-85, 144-145.

Published in San Francisco, CA. by Out in February, 1994.

Bibliographic Information:

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  • Heidi Gibbs: photograph of River Phoenix
  • Jeremy Podeswa: "Fear and Loving in Paris: An HIV-Positive Filmmaker's Savage Nights" (review)
  • Bruce C. Steele:
    • "It's a Rapp" (essay on actor Anthony Rapp)
    • "What's Oscar Got to Do With It?" (reviews)
  • Mayer Rus: "A Place in the Sun" (essay on Melrose Place)
  • Michael Paoletta: "Cadell's Canadian Song" (essay on Meryn Cadell)
  • Ray Rogers:
    • "Sound the Siren" (on Cece Penniston)
    • "Back to the Future" (music reviews)
  • Otis Stuart: "A Tadzio for Today" (essay on dancer Jeffrey Edwards)
  • Daniel Mendelsohn: "Words and Deeds" (book reviews)
  • Blanche Wiesen Cook: "Outing History" (on queer biographies)
  • Donna Minkowitz: "Undercover with the Religious Right" (essay)
  • Bob & Rod Jackson-Paris: "How We Met" (essay)
  • Erik K. Washington: "Going Home With the Visible Man" (on Phil Wilson)
  • Anneliese Estrada, John Huba, Masha Calloway, and Jommy Paul: "Elizabeth Street" (fashion)
  • Gary Indiana: "Rebel Without a Pause" (essay on William S. Burroughs)
  • Rick Gillette: photographs of William S. Burroughs
  • Brad Gooch: "Benefit Roulette" (essay)
  • Vincent Boucher & Stewart Shining: "Nightswimming" (fashion)
  • Scott Hunt: "Hello, Dalai" (essay on Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama)
  • Jim Levitt: photograph of Tenzin Gyatso
  • Carlos Gonzalez: photograph of Tenzin Gyatso, Richard Gere, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein
  • Tim Brown: "A Street Carnival Named Desire" (essay on New Orleans)
  • Brooks Peters: "Stopping the Madness" (on Calistoga)
  • Bohdan Zachary: "Nonoxynol-9: Better Safe Than Sorry?" (essay)
  • Kiki Mason: "Dating and HIV" (essay)
  • Richard Sax: "Home at the Range" (on chef Jim Peterson)
  • Tom Curtice: "The Education of a Favorite Son" (essay)
Publishing Information:
  • Editor and President: Michael Goff
  • Executive Editor: Sarah Pettit
  • Art Director: James Conrad
  • Managing Editor: Bruce C. Steele
  • Contributing Editors: Anne-Christine d'Adesky, Vincent Boucher
  • Contributing Writer: Michelangelo Signorile
  • Assistant Editor: Elise Harris
  • Editorial Production Manager: Debi Farmer
  • Photo Associate: Amy Steiner
  • Art Associate: David Keeler
  • Assistant to the Editor: Gerard Santos
  • Publisher: George Slowik, Jr.
  • Associate Publisher: Harry A. Taylor


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