Yarrowstalks, Volume 9, Number 2, April/May 1975

Includes an interview with Burroughs by Angelo Lewis: “William Burroughs and the Unsacred Word”, pp. 10-15. Also an advertisement for a Burroughs/Giorno reading. Scarce.

Published in Philadelphia, PA. by Brian Zahn in April, 1975.

Bibliographic Information:

  • Shoaf IV.45.
  • Not in Schottlaender (v4)
  • Raven 19750400YARR.9.2
  • Jacquelyn De Bray:
    • "De Bray" (editorial)
  • Ajit Mookerjee: "Insight" (quote from Tantra Art: Its Philosophy and Physics)
  • J. deB. Deichler and Louis Kahn: "Louis Kahn from Silence and Light" (interview)
  • Angelo Lewis and William S. Burroughs: "William Burroughs and the Sacred Word" (interview)
  • Angelo Lewis: "Artisan" (lyrics)
  • Laura Teller: "From April to April" (lyrics)
  • J. C. Odell and Salvador Dali: "Holographs: A Visit with Salvador Dali" (interview)
  • Peter Bralver: "The Abbreviated Model of the Unified Design Field" (essay/art)
  • Charles Parker: "Wit's End" (comic)
  • Peter McMammon: photograph
  • Chris Soliday: photographs
  • Steve Keller: photograph
  • Renée Klein: illustration
  • Renée Klein and Steve Borns: collage
Publishing Information: 
  • Publisher: Brian Zahn
  • Editor: Jacquelyn deB. Deichler
  • Executive Editor: Angelo Lewis
  • Contributing Editor: J. C. Odell
  • Art Director: Renée Klein
  • Cover Design: Renée Klein


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