Black Mountain Review, Issue 7, Autumn 1957

Scarce item, under 350 copies distributed. Burroughs (as "William Lee") contributes “From Naked Lunch: Book III: In Search of Yage”, pp. 144-148.

Published in Black Mountain, North Carolina by Black Mountain Review (Robert Creeley) in Autumn of 1957 (after the school had closed permanently).

This copy signed at contributions by Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, and Michael McClure. A scarce issue of only around 350 copies. With a sticker for Contributing Editor and Distributor Jonathan Williams on verso.

This copy formerly in the collection of Darin Scope.

Bibliographic Information:

  • M&M C2
  • Not in Shoaf
  • Schottlaender v4.C2
  • Raven 19571000BMRE.0.7
  • Edward Dahlberg and Herbert Read: "Two Letters" (correspondence)
  • Allen Ginsberg: "America" (poetry)
  • Jack Kerouac:
    • "from October in the Railroad Earth" (prose)
    • "Essentials of Spontaneous Prose" (essay)
  • Edward Marshall: "Leave the Word Alone" (poetry)
  • Eric Cashen: "I Love a Sister" (prose)
  • Hillel Frimet: "The Grand Procurer (for Larry Bronfman)" (poetry)
  • Alfred Kreymborg: "Metaphysical Ballad" (poetry)
  • Sherry Mangan: "Reminiscence from a Hilltop" (prose)
  • Jonathan Williams: "Music Is to Make People Happy" (essay)
  • William Russell: "Eight Photographs" (photographs)
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  • Philip Whalen: "3: Variations: All About Love" (poetry)
  • Joel Oppenheimer:
    • "Formal Verse, Father of Seventy-Three" (poetry)
    • "Young Mother Blues" (poetry)
  • Michael McClure: poem (poetry)
  • William S. Burroughs [as William Lee]: "from Naked Lunch, Book III: In Search of Yage" (prose)
  • Robert Creeley: "Harry Callahan: A Note" (introduction)
  • Harry Callahan: photographs
  • Denise Levertov:
    • "Action" (poetry)
    • "Everything that Acts Is Actual" (poetry)
  • Gary Snyder: "Changes: 3" (poetry)
  • William Carlos Williams: "Two Pieces":
    • "Beginnings: Marsden Hartley" (essay)
    • "Les Amis de Ford Madox Ford" (essay)
    • "Empty Mirror" (preface to Allen Ginsberg's poetry)
  • Hubert Selby, Jr.: "Love/s Labour/s Lost" (prose)
  • Judson Crews:
    • "Plum Child" (poetry)
    • "First Tree of Autumn" (poetry)
    • "Moat Sin Lal" (poetry)
  • Edward Dorn: "C. B. & Q." (prose)
  • Patrocinio Barela: "Notes on Four Sculptures" (poetry)
  • Mildred Tolbert: photographs
  • David Lyttle:
    • "This Marvellous Misery" (poetry)
    • "The Endeavour" (poetry)
  • Jorge Luis Borges: "Three Versions of Judas" (essay, translated by Anthony Kerrigan)
  • Charles Olson: review of Cirus G. Gordon's Homer and Bible
  • Michael Rumaker: "Allen Ginsberg's HOWL" (essay)
  • Edward Corbett: cover art
Publishing Information:
  • Editor: Robert Creeley
  • Contributing Editors: Allen Ginsberg, Irving Layton, Charles Olson, Jonathan Williams


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