Pandemonium, Issue 1, 1986

Includes a number of letters and clippings sent between Burroughs and Stevenson. Burroughs also contributes "miscelaneous [sic] selections" and "Cut up of selections scanned from Jack Stevenson's scap [sic] book" – some Cut-Up prose.

Published in Elmira, NY, by Jack Stevenson in 1986.

500 copies printed.

This copy includes a Cease & Desist letter from Black Sparrow Press to Jack Stevenson for the use of Bukowski's letters in this publication, which is heavily stamped as "Printed Without Permission". Also includes a number of advertisements and inserts for the item.

Bibliographic Information:

  • Shoaf II.212
  • Schottlaender v4.C564
  • Raven 19860000PAND.0.1
  • Jack Stevenson: introduction
  • Al Goldstein and Jack Stevenson: "Al Goldstein Talks: Goldstein Rises from the Dead" (interview)
  • William S. Burroughs:
    • letters to Jack Stevenson
    • "miscelaneous [sic] selections" (prose)
    • "Cut up selections scanned from Jack Stevenson's scap [sic] book" (prose)
  • John Waters and Jack Stevenson: "Interview with John Waters, Parts I and II" (interview)
  • Charles Bukowski:
    • drawings
    • letters to Jack Stevenson
    • "(the gulls of venice beach)" (poetry)
    • "the girls" (poetry)
    • "renewal" (poetry)
  • Charles Manson:
    • letters to Jack Stevenson
    • excerpts from Manson letters
    • "Rags, This is a Letter to You" (poetry)
    • "Charlie Manson's Words" (poetry)
    • "First Recollection" (poetry)
    • "Completion" (poetry)
Publishing Information:
  • Editor/Publisher: Jack Stevenson
  • Typography: Cindy Gold