Olympia, Issue 4, April 1963

Burroughs contributes a section of The Ticket that Exploded, pp. 8-11.

Published in Paris, France by The Olympia Press in April, 1963.

Bibliographic Information:

  • M&M C54
  • Shoaf III.42
  • Schottlaender v4.C58, v5.C58
  • Raven 19630400OLYM.0.4
Selected Contents:
  • Nazli Nour: "The Trial of Gretchen Green" (prose)
  • William S. Burroughs: "excerpt from The Ticket That Exploded" (prose)
  • Robert Baldock: "Salt Air" (prose)
  • Gregory Corso: "3 Poems":
    • "Train Wreck" (poetry)
    • "Body Fished from the Seine" (poetry)
    • "A French Boy's Sunday" (poetry)
  • Walter Lowenfels: "Whitman's Many Loves" (essay)
  • James Sherwood: "Stradella" (prose)
  • various artists: "L'Amour est un art" (art)
  • Claire Rabe: "Sicily Enough" (prose)
  • Charles Simmons: "The Dada Nose" (prose)
Publishing Information:
  • Editor/Publisher: Maurice Girodias
  • Assistant Editor: Iris Owens, Marilyn Meeske, Gerald Williams
  • Art Editor: Dennis Bailey
  • Circulation Manager: Maarten Schiemer
  • Printing: Imprimerie Croutzet, Psris


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