Impulse, Volume 15, Number 4, March 1990

Includes “Tiger Terry” by Burroughs, pp. 6-7 (a once "lost" story),  and an interview with Burroughs by Eldon Garnet, pp. 8-14.

Published in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Impulse in March, 1990.

Bibliographic Information:

  • Shoaf III.383
  • Schottlaender v4.C607
  • Raven 19900300IMPU.15.4, b4
  • William Burroughs: "Tiger Terry" (prose)
  • Eldon Garnet: interview with William Burroughs
  • Chris Buck: photo of Burroughs
  • Cathy Daly: "Natural" (paintings)
  • Arnie Achtman: "Sub" (prose)
  • McKenzie Wark: "Seeds of Fire: Media,Memory, and the Beijing Demonstrations" (essay)
  • Tom Dean:
    • "Age, Death, Kids, Power" (essay)
    • "The Varieties of Hell" (art)
  • Michael Leiris: excerpt from Fourbis (prose)
  • Evan Hansen and Melony Ward: "Les Palais Ideals" (essay)
  • David Greenberger: "Duplex Planet" (interviews)
  • William James: "Power: Doctor Galen & the Judo Club" (prose)
  • Micah Lexier: "Micah from Baba Sarah" (art)
  • Jeanne Randolph: "Hurricane Watch" (prose)
  • Brendan Cotter: "The Young Geriatric" (prose)
  • Keiko Sei: "The True Japanese Art Form" (on Japanese 'Commercial Messages')
  • Antonino Mazza: "Blurring Identities: A Session with D. M. Thomas" (interview)
Publishing Information:
  • Executive Editor: Eldon Garnet
  • Editors: Brian Boigon, Judith Doyle, Donna Lypchuk, Carolyn White
  • Contributing Editors: Sylvere Lotringer, Jeanne Randolph
  • Art Direction: Carolyn White
  • Editorial Assistant: Lisa Henderson
  • Cover: Tom Dean


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