Vanity Fair, Volume 46, Number 9, November 1983

Burroughs contributes “The Baron Says These Things”, a preview chapter from The Place of Dead Roads, pp. 104-109.

Published in New York City by Condé Nast Publications in November, 1983.

Bibliographic Information:

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Publishing Information:
  • Editor in Chief: Leo Lerman
  • Managing Editor: Wayne Lawson
  • Editors: Jeffrey Burke, Walter Clemons, Anthony HadenGuest, Moira Hodgson, Cathleen Medwick, Elizabeth Pochoda, Stephen Rubin, Suzanne Stephens, Patricia Towers, Tracy Young
  • Editorial Design Director: Ruth Ansel
  • Art Director: Charles Churchward
  • Critic at Large: Judith Martin
  • Consulting Editors: Jonathan Lieberson, James Wolcott
  • Contributing Editor: Stephen Schiff
  • Assistant Editors: April Bernard, Don David Guttenplan, Lisa Hendricksson, John House, Duncan Stalker, Mimi Thompson
  • Publisher: Joseph E. Corr, Jr.
  • Editorial Director: Alexander Liberman


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