Brown Paper, 1965

[note: the color in these images is not accurate; see below for a closer representation of the paper color, in the second copy example]

This copy includes all inserts, and includes (1) a parody of a cut-up by Daniel Lauffer, (2) a Burroughs Cut-Up/parody of the Lauffer parody, and (3) an additional cut-up by Burroughs.

Published in Philadelphia, PA. by Philadelphia College of Art, Daniel Lauffer in 1965.

Daniel Lauffer commented to me that this is one of the nicest copies of this work that he had seen since he produced it.

243 copies printed, less than 100 assembled and distributed (according to Lauffer), very scarce with all inserts.

This copy was formerly in the collection of Darin Scope, and is signed by poet Diane Wakoski.

I additionally hold one of Daniel Lauffer's personal copies of Brown Paper, in a small archive of the original letters and typescript materials by Burroughs for the issue (including Lauffer's "Exterminate the Exterminator" parody which initiated their dialogue). This copy still has its inserts stitched-in as issued.

M&M C116.
Shoaf III.74.
Schottlaender v4.C97.