Kulchur, Issue 3, 1961

Burroughs contributes “In Search of Yage”, pp. 7-18, a set of letters that would later be published in the book The Yage Letters with Allen Ginsberg.

Published in New York City by Kulchur Press in 1961.

This copy was formerly in the collection of Darin Scope.

Bibliographic Information:
  • M&M C36
  • Shoaf III.28
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  • Leroy McLucas: photographs, cover
  • Jack Kerouac: "Dave" (prose)
  • Charles Olson: "Bridge-Work" (poetry)
  • William S. Burroughs: "In Search of Yage" (correspondence)
  • George Brecht: "Sound Scores" (script)
  • Miro Cardona: "A Miro Cardona Joke" (joke)
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    • "You Two Go That Way..." (essay/prose)
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  • Diane di Prima: "The Edge" (poetry)
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  • Paul Bowles: "Kif – Prologue and Compendium of Terms" (essay)
  • LeRoi Jones: "Milneburg Joys (or, Against 'Hipness' As Such)" (essay)
  • Herbert E. Huncke: "Elsie" (prose)
  • Donald Phelps: "A Second Look at Pornography" (essay)
  • Julian Beck: "The Life of the Theatre" (essay)
  • Fielding Dawson:
    • exhibition reviews
    • film reviews
  • Gilbert Sorrentino:
    • combined review of Philip Whalen's Like I Say and Memoirs of an Interglacial Age
    • review of Allen Ginsberg's Kaddish and Other Poems, 1958-1960
    • film review
  • LeRoi Jones: combined review of Robert Creeley's A Form of Women and Michael McClure's Hymns to St. Geryon
  • John Fles:
    • review of Yugen, issues one through seven
    • review of Joan Baez (music review)
  • a.b. spellman: review of John Coltrane (review/poetry)
  • Gregory Corso: review of Jack Kerouac's Doctor Sax
  • Marc Schleifer: review of A Cuban Sampler
Publishing Information:
  • Editor: Marc Schleifer
  • Poetry Editor: Gilbert Sorrentino
  • Contributing Editors: Diane di Prima, a. b. spellman, Charles Olson, LeRoi Jones, John Fles, Donald Phelps
  • Printing: Harry Gantt, Publishers Printing Representative, NYC


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