The Yale Literary Magazine, Volume 131, Number 3 & 4 ("New Poetry Special Issue"), April 1963

Burroughs contributes “Call the Old Doctor Twice?”, pp. 54-56.

Published in New Haven, CT. by Yale University in April 1963.

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Publishing Information: 
  • Chairman: Michael C. Gilfond
  • Editor: Michael G. Gill
  • Issue Editor: David S. S. Schaff
  • Associate Editors: André de Havenon, William H. J. Yerkes
  • Business Manager: Harrison H. Augur
  • Secretary: Ronald Sipherd
  • Asociates: Mowry Connelly, Giles Crane, David Grimes, William Gruber, Joel Katz, Eric Nightingale, Alan Weaver, Paul Weaver
  • Design: Joel Katz


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