Talk Talk, Volume 3, Number 6, Autumn 1981

2000 copies printed. Burroughs contributes a cut-up at the inside cover, an extensive interview, pp. 18-20, 22-23, and a flexi-disc in an envelope at page 21 from William Burroughs Communications: “On the Nova Lark” and “Abandoned Artifacts”.

There is additionally a review of the Giorno Poetry Systems album You're the Guy I Want to Share My Money With, which contains William S. Burroughs, John Giorno, and Laurie Anderson, at page 33.

Published in Lawrence, KS. in Talk Talk Publications in Autumn of 1981.

Bibliographic Information:

  • Shoaf IV.78
  • Schottlaender v4.C508
  • Raven 19811000TTAL.3.6
  • Bill Rich:
    • editorial
    • photographs
    • interview with Iggy Pop
    • interview with William S. Burroughs
    • "Looking at Lawrence" (essay)
    • music reviews
  • William S. Burroughs:
    • "Nova Express 3d. Out" (scrapbook page)
    • "Abandoned Artifacts/On the Nova Lark" (flexi-disc)
  • D. Cool: "Peter Tosh" (review)
  • Lowell Stewart: photos
  • Ja Nittu Bahd: music reviews
  • Dave Cade: music reviews
  • Mel Cheplowitz: music reviews
  • John Gleason: music reviews
  • The Gill Man: review of The Ventures concert
  • Rick Hellman:
    • music reviews
    • interview with The Psychedelic Furs
    • review of a concert by The Fall
  • Eric Schindling: photographs
  • U-Man: "The German New Music Scene" (essay)
  • Steve Kemp: music reviews
  • Martin Olson: music reviews
  • Frank Loose: music reviews
  • Dave Stuckey: music reviews
  • Sharon Maier: music reviews
  • Andrea Rosenthal: music reviews
Pubishing Information:
  • Editor: Bill Rich
  • Staff: Frank Loose, Rick Hellman, Marc Burch, Andrea Rosenthal, Martin Olson, John Gleason, Dave Cade, Jim Schwada, Steve Kemp, Mark Gilman, Dave Stuckey, Mel Cheplowitz, Sharon Maier, Tom Hoyt
  • Photography: Frank Loose, Lowell Stewart, Jo Stone, Eric Schindling, Bill Rich
  • Layout: John Lee
  • Typesetting: Joan McCabe Moore


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