Golden Nugget, Volume 1, Number 6, August 1966

Includes a section “William Burroughs: The Man and The Word” by J.G. Ballard and Bill Butler. J. G. Ballard's essay "Myth-Maker of the 20th Century" is at pages 40-42.  Bill Butler's "An Interview with William Burroughs" is at pages 43-44 [misattributed as "Bill Barclay" in the TOC].

Published in London, England by Dagg Books in August, 1966.

This copy formerly from the collection of Darin Scope.

Bibliographic Information:

  • Not in M&M
  • Shoaf IV.19
  • Schottlaender v4.C128
  • Raven 19660800GNUG.1.6
Selected Contents: 
  • Ken Macbeth: "The Man's World" (editorial)
  • Bill Barclay: "What's In on the Music Scene" (on Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, more)
  • unknown: 
    • "Las Vegas Report" (essay)
    • "The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg" (on the "Spruce Goose")
  • Duane Valentry: "Ride 'em Paniolos" (essay)
  • Mark Janson: "Canned Honey" (prose)
  • J. G. Ballard: "Myth-Maker of the 20th Century" (on William S. Burroughs)
  • Bill Butler, William S. Burroughs: "An Interview with William Burroughs" (interview)
  • Chuck Kelly: "Another Musical Copeland Makes Good!" (on Alan Copeland)
  • Conrad Streicher: "The Last Frontier" (on Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Westinghouse)
  • Langdon Jones: "I Remember, Anita..." (prose)
  • John Michael: "In the Sweet Buy and Dry" (prose)
  • Rick McHugh: "'It's Like Skiing... Except the Whole Mountain Comes Down on You'" (on surfing)
  • photo-series
Publishing Information: 
  • Editor: Ken Macbeth
  • Fiction Editor: Edward Powys
  • Features Editor: Bill Barclay
  • Art Editor: Saul Cane
  • Editorial: Edward P. Kelly, Ben Martin, Jay Standish, Frank Hedgon, Elizabeth Walker, Lon Bruce
  • Advertising: Michael Wesbury


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