Sensitive Skin, Issue 8, 2012

Includes a 10-page interview with Allen Ginsberg from the mid-90s, pp. 30-40, along with a number of photographs of Burroughs by Ruby Ray and a couple of related drawings by David West. Published in New York City by Sensitive Skin in 2012.

Bibliographic Information:
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    • "Photographs" (photos of punk L.A., late 70s - early 80s)
  • David West:
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    • drawing of Joan Vollmer Burroughs
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    • "Schizophrenic" (poetry)
  • Mark McCawley: "Sick Lazy Fuck" (prose)
  • Charlie Homo: photograph
  • Justine Frischmann: "Another Green World" (art)
Publishing Information: 
  • Publisher and Managing Editor: Bernard Meisler
  • Associate Editors: Rob Hardin, Mike DeCapite, B. Kold
  • Music Editor: Steve Horowitz
  • Contributing Editors: Ron Kolm, Tim Beckett