Intrepid, Number 14/15 ("Special Burroughs Issue"), Winter 1969

[Partial issue shown]

Produced by Allen De Loach. Burroughs contributes multiple items:

  • quote on Alfred Chester, p. 1
  • “Last Awning Flaps on the Pier”, pp. 2-3
  • “Salt Chunk Mary”, pp. 4-5
  • “Abstract”, pp. 6-7 [later presented in Ginger Snaps (1972)]
  • “Routine: Roosevelt After Inauguration”, p.81-85
  • “Transcript of Dutch Schultz’s Last Words”, pp. 86-89
  • “The Coldspring News”, p. 90
  • “Letter to Allen Ginsberg”, p. 96
  • “On the ‘E’ Meter”, pp. 97-99
Also includes the early draft of Eric Mottram's biography on Burroughs.

Published in Buffalo, NY. by Intrepid Press in Winter of 1969.

This copy was formerly owned by Linda Twigg (resident of the Chelsea Hotel and friend of Herbert Huncke), and is inscribed to her by William S. Burroughs at the first page. This is also signed by Allen Ginsberg "for Peter" at the Table of Contents. Carl Solomon has also signed his contribution in this copy.

This was signed by Burroughs at a B. Dalton reading by Burroughs in Greenwich Village, NY on December 17, 1987 at which Herbert Huncke was present.

This copy acquired from Shiv Marabito, Shivastan Poetry Ashram (Woodstock, NY.).

Bibliographic Information: 
  • M&M C256, C257, C258, C259, C260, C261, C262, C263, C264
  • Shoaf III.150
  • Schottlaender v4.C234
  • Raven 19691000INTR.0.14, b2
  • Brion Gysin: cover calligraphy
  • Carl Weissner: 
    • photo of Burroughs
    • "On Burroughs: Somos Estas Palabras"
  • William S. Burroughs:
    • quote on Alfred Chester
    • "Last Awning Flaps on the Pier" (prose)
    • "Salt Chunk Mary" (prose)
    • "Abstract" (prose)
    • "Routine: Roosevelt After Inauguration" (prose)
    • The American Theatre For Poets, Inc. presents February 14, 1965 William S. Burroughs: "Valentine's Day Reading":
      • "Transcript of Dutch Schultz's Last Words" (prose)
      • "The Coldspring News" (prose)
    • letter to Allen Ginsberg
    • "On the E Meter" (essay)
  • Eric Mottram: "William Burroughs" (essay)
  • Carl Solomon: "William Burroughs – As I Learned of Him" (essay)
  • Claude Pélieu:
    • "Don't Walk On the Indians!" (essay)
    • "Notes About Burroughs" (essay)
    • "One Way" (prose)
    • "Pop Gang Manifesto (Electric Last Minute" (prose)
    • "Notes (From the Notes From the Underground)" (prose)
    • "Last Reel Electronic Digest" (prose)
  • Claude Pélieu & Mary Beach: "Open Letter to Time Magazine" (letter)
  • Miles: "Burroughs" (essay)
  • Duncan McNaughton:"A Horn on Burroughs" (essay)
Publishing Information: 
  • Editor: Allen De Loach
  • Assistant: David Bindig


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