Kulchur, Issue 1, Spring 1960

Burroughs contributes “The Conspiracy”, a previously-unpublished section from Naked Lunch, pp. 5-8.

Published in New York City by The Totem Press in Spring of 1960.

"The Conspiracy" was later included in the book White Subway.

This copy was formerly in the collection of Darin Scope.

I hold a second copy within an archive of the run of Kulchur.

Bibliographic Information:
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  • Marc Schleifer: quote
Publishing Information: 
  • Editor: Marc D. Schleifer [later: Prof. S. Abballah Schleifer]
  • Contributing Editors: John Fles, LeRoi Jones, Charles Olson, Donald Phelps, Martin Williams
  • Editorial Assistant: Barbara Kramer


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