In Style for Men, Issue 15, Winter 1987

Includes "William Burroughs: In Praise of Splendid Blasphemies" by Richard Labonte, with photograph of Burroughs by Jack Shear, pp. 26-27, 64, 87 -- a profile of William Burroughs at 72 years of age.

Published in North Hollywood, CA. by In Touch International, Inc. in Winter of 1987.

Bibliographic Information:

  • Shoaf IV.122
  • Not in Schottlaender (v4)
  • Raven 19870100ISTY.0.15
Selected Contents:
  • William Franklin: "Letter from the Editor" (editorial)
  • Patrick McMullan: "Metropolis" (event news)
  • Guido Anderau: "New York City Club Wars" (essay)
  • Craig Lee: "Rock's Sexual Rebellion" (essay)
  • Mario Mondelli: "Confessions of a Video Pirate" (essay)
  • Bill Cummings: "Up From the Primitive: The Rebel in You" (essay)
  • George Heymont:
    • "Leaping Toward the West Defecting for Art" (essay)
    • "Lyrical About Sydney" (essay)
  • Norman Catherine: illustration
  • Richard Labonte: "William Burroughs: In Praise of Splendid Blasphemies" (essay)
  • Jack Shear: photographs
  • Laurie Jacobson: "Today's Urban Heroes" (essay)
  • Daniel Collins and Ed Asner: "Activism According to Asner" (interview)
  • Rich Grzesiak and Ned Rorem: "Ned Rorem: Settling the Musical Score" (interview)
  • Philip Saltonstall: photograph
  • Edmund Teske: photograph
  • Norman Yonemoto and Kenneth Anger: "Kenneth Anger: A Profile of the Artist as a Film Maker" (interview)
  • assorted fashion photoshoots
  • George Roberson: "No Sweat Grooming" (essay)
  • Neil Feineman: "Best Revenge: Rowing Well" (essay)
  • Baron Wilhelm con Gloeden, Dennis Hopper, Alice Springs, Larry Stanton, and Duane Michals: "Twelvetrees Press" (portfolio)
  • Michael Gildea: "Christo Under Wraps" (essay)
  • Brad Lewis: "Grinding for the America's Cup" (essay)
  • Montana Flyte: "The Gallant and the Greeks" (essay)
Publishing Information:
  • Publisher: In Touch International, Inc.
  • Associate Publisher: David Rivas
  • Editor-in-Chief: William Franklin
  • Copy Editor: Bob Stanford
  • Grooming Editor: George Roberson
  • Special Assignments: Gregory Poe
  • Architecture and Design: Michael Gildea
  • Art Director: Fred Fehlau
  • et al


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