Beat Scene, Issue 37, n.d. [c. Summer 2000]

This issue is light on Burroughs. In the news section "Beats & Co." by Pauline Reeves, p. 22, a note that James Grauerholz was to teach a course on "The Life and Work of William Burroughs" at Kansas University in Spring, 2001.

There are some concluding remarks from Allen Ginsberg about Burroughs in his interview with Vojo Sindolic, "Every Morning I Wake Up Realising That There's No Victory", at page 30.

Kevin Ring reviews Eric Shoaf's exhibition catalog William Burroughs: Time Place Word. at page 47.

Burroughs is mentioned in a review by Sophia Nitrate for Brion Gysin's Who Runs May Read, p. 59, and is also briefly mentioned in a review for Steamshovel Press magazine, issue 17, at page 60.

Published in Binley Woods, England by Beat Scene Press around Summer of 2000.

Bibliographic Information:

  • Not in Shoaf
  • Not in Schottlaender (v4)
  • Raven 20000700BSCE.0.37
Selected Contents:
  • Kevin Ring:
    • "First Words" (editorial)
    • review of Charles E. Jarvis' Visions of Kerouac: The Life of Jack Kerouac
    • "Compendium Bookshop Closes – End of an Era" (essay)
    • review of Eric Shoaf's exhibition catalogue William Burroughs: Time Place Word
    • review of Dan Fante's Mooch
    • review of Bukowski in Pictures, edited by Howard Sounes
    • review of Charles Bukowski's Open All Night: New Poems
    • combined review of Jack Foley's O Powerful Western Star: Poetry and Art in California and his Foley's Books: California Rebels, Beats & Radicals
    • review of Ben Giamo's Kerouac, the Word and the Way: Prose Artist as Spiritual Quester
  • Jim Burns:
    • "Kenneth Patchen at the Tate Modern" (review of For Kenneth Patchen: A Poet and His Muse)
    • "What Became of Clint Nichols?" (essay)
    • music reviews
  • Barbara Read: "Kenneth Patchen: A Retrospective of His Life and Work" (essay)
  • Jonathan Clark: photographs
  • Kevin Ring and Ianthe Brautigan: "Richard Brautigan" (interview)
  • David Holzer: "Strange License – Lawrence Ferlinghetti in New Orleans" (essay)
  • Kevin Ring and Richard Collins: "John Fante's Literary Portrait" (interview)
  • Iain Sinclair: "Ed Dorn" (memorial)
  • Pauline Reeves:
    • "Beats & Co." (news)
    • review of Millicent Dillon's You Are Not I: A Portrait of Paul Bowles
    • review of Matt Theado's Understanding Jack Kerouac
    • review of Nanao or Never: Nanao Sakaki Walks Earth A
  • Kevin Ring and Jason Eisonberg: "Lord Buckley: Hip to Be Cool" (interview)
  • Allen Ginsberg and Vojo Sindolic: "Allen Ginsberg: 'Every Morning I Wake Up Realising that There's No Victory" (interview)
  • Charles Campbell: photograph
  • Vojo Sindolic: photographs
  • Marc Atkinson: photograph
  • Kevin Ring and Darrin Daniel: "Jack Kerouac's Nine Lives" (interview)
  • Steve Edginton and John Cassady: "I Am the Luckiest Son of a Bitch on the Planet" (interview)
  • Carolyn Cassady: photographs
  • Ken Schumacher: "Gary Snyder Live" (essay)
  • Aram Saroyan: "Not Dying" (correspondence)
  • Archie Minasian (photograph)
  • Carl Williams and John Martin: "Black Sparrow Open All Night" (interview)
  • Nik Wheeler: photograph
  • Michael Montfort: photograph
  • Robert Ward: "Nelson Algren: An International Symposium" (essay, review)
  • Dawn Swoop:
    • review of Peter Niklas Wilson's Ornette Coleman: His Life and Music
    • review of Ralph Alphonso's Ralph: Coffee, Jazz & Poetry
    • review of A. D. Winans' 13 Jazz Poems
  • William S. Burroughs: photograph
  • Colin Cooper:
    • review of James S. Lee's Underworld of the East
    • review of Steamshovel Press magazine, issue 17
    • review of Jack Kerouac's On the Road
    • music reviews
  • Kevin Ring and David Meltzer: David Meltzer: 'Writing Jazz' and 'No Eyes: Lester Young' (interview)
  • Sophia Nitrate:
    • review of James Sallis' Chester Himes: A Life
    • review of Brion Gysin's Who Runs May Read
    • music reviews
  • Brian Dalton:
    • review of William Carlos William's In the Money
    • review of Ted Joans' Teducation
    • review of Pacific Northwestern Spiritual Poetry, edited by Charles Potts
    • music reviews
  • Kevin Ring and Janine Pommy Vega: "Janine Pommy Vega: Mad Dogs of Trieste: New & Selected Poems" (interview)
  • Attila Gyenis: "Lowell Celebrates Kerouac" (news)
Publishing Information:
  • Editor: Kevin Ring
  • Jazz Editor: Jim Burns
  • American Correspondent: Mac Evans
  • Research & News: Pauline Reeves


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