The Insect Trust Gazette, Issue 2, Summer 1965

Burroughs contributes “File Ticker Tape Tuesday July 7 (St. Aubierge) 1964 Tangier”, pp. 17-22. A cut up work close to, but not the same as, the version published in The Burroughs File -- some passages are variant, and this concludes with notes on Dr. Dent and Apomorphine.

This issue also contains a long (12 page) reproduced typescript of Brion Gysin's Let the Mice In, p. 3-15, published later in the book of the same name along with collaborators William S. Burroughs and Ian Sommerville.

This is a rare issue, most of the copies were seized and not returned by customs. Jed Birmingham has noted in 2006 at RealityStudio that "[s]eemingly, the second issue published in the Summer 1965 does not exist. I have been looking for more than five years and I scarcely see mention of the issue, let alone a copy for sale. The only copy I have ever heard of was Nelson Lyon’s signed copy in 1999."  

Certainly, from what I can see, only one image of the periodical is on the Internet (other than this copy), which is used in multiple places. Shoaf himself (William S. Burroughs: A Collector's Guide) listed the item but apparently did not hold a copy himself -- his collection was a bequest to the University of Virginia and no copies of this issue show up there. A search through library catalogs shows no holdings – although there is a copied typescript of the Burroughs contribution at the Harvard Library. 

This particular copy was acquired along with issues 1 and 3 (the full set, #3 not including Burroughs as a contributor) from Arthur Fournier Fine & Rare (Brooklyn, NY.).

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Bibliographic Information: 
  • M&M C121
  • Shoaf III.79
  • Schottlaender v4.C102
  • Raven 19650700TITG.0.2
  • Brion Gysin: "Let the Mice In" (essay, from note: "recorded & played at The Institute for Contemporary Arts, London, 1960, as I painted a picture 6x6 feet & quietly disappeared – Dec 1960")
  • Lew Brown: "Proprietary Articles..." (poetry)
  • William S. Burroughs: "File Ticker Tape Tuesday July 7 (St. Aubierge) 1964 Tangier" (prose)
  • Editors: "Memo from the Editors" (Hebrew passage)
  • Dom Sylvester Houedard: 
    • "3 Short Notes in re kinkon R op/popcrete" (essay/poetry)
    • "two machine mantras" (concrete poetry)
  • Eugen Gomringer: from The Book of Hours (poetry)
  • Edwin Morgan: "In Praise of Surtsey" (poetry)
  • Edgard Braga:
    • "white horses rough waters" (poetry)
    • "in my glove of gold" (poetry)
  • Augusto de Campos: "Rainy" (concrete poetry)
  • Philip Ward: "Explosion" (concrete poetry)
  • Frank Kuenstler: "Nine Lines" (concrete poetry)
  • Ian Hamilton Finlay: "2 Additions" (concrete poetry)
  • José Lino Grünewald: concrete poem
  • Stewart Paley: "High Purity" (drawings)
  • Jackson Mac Low: "Alarm Clock – 16-17 February 1963" (performance)
  • Clark Coolidge: "Bond Sonnets" (poetry)
  • Christopher Middleton: "How Papaguano Met with a Grievous Stranger at Sea" (prose, from Pataxanadu)
  • Jess Collins: "Osap's Faebles" (prose)
  • Sinclair Beiles: "All Creatures that on Earth Do Dwell" (poetry)
  • S. J. Leon: "Portrait of a Lady" (poetry)
  • Conral A. Belano: "Computer Pupil Poem #5" (poetry)
  • Mel Clay and Ira Cohen: "The Majoun Traveler or A Smile Past Eden's Angel Mouth" (prose)
Publishing Information: 
  • Editors: Bobert Basara, Leonard Belasco, Jed Irwin, William Levy.


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