Beat Scene, Number [Issue] 108, Autumn 2023

Full of Burroughs mentions. 

Pages 5 through 7 include a letter from Jim McCrary to Beat Scene Editor Kevin Ring from 2000 on Burroughs' Last Words, followed by a review by Jim McCrary of the book. 

A Burroughs mention and a photo of Burroughs with Alene Lee can be found at page 8 of Agnes Giles' "Mardou Fox and Alene Lee". 

Kevin Ring interviews author Mark Terrill about his collaborative novel Ultrazone with Francis Poole in "William Burroughs Fights the Ugly Spirit", pp. 37-38. 

"William Burroughs and His Guns" by Kevin Ring, pp. 48-49, is about Udo Breger, William Burroughs, and firearms. This piece includes three photos of Burroughs with his guns (including one with David Cronenberg) by Udo Breger [the three photos used for this article are currently in my archive]. 

A review by Alan Moore of Ultrazone by Mark Terrill and Francis Poole -- in which Burroughs is a central character – is at page 50. An excerpt from Ultrazone is at pages 55-56, accompanied by a photograph of William S. Burroughs and Joan Vollmer Burroughs (holding Billy Burroughs). 

A review by Jim Pennington of Two Assassins: William Burroughs/Hassan Sabbah by Professor Oliver Harris and Farid Ghadami is at pages 59-60. 

Finally, an article by Francis Poole of the EBSN Cut-Ups@2023 Conference in Paris, September 12-15, 2023 [which I was fortunate to attend] is at pages 62-63. 

On the rear cover is pictured the cover of Olympia #3, with Ian Sommerville and Brion Gysin beside a Dreamachine.

Published in Binley Woods, England by Beat Scene Press in Autumn of 2023.

This copy was acquired directly from Kevin Ring of Beat Scene Press (Binley Woods, England).

Bibliographic Information: 

  • Raven 20231000BSCE.0.108
Selected Contents: 
  • Kevin Ring: 
    • "First Words" (editorial)
    • "Really Lost Books: Letters from Jack Kerouac to Ed White, 1947-1968" (essay/review)
    • "Dick McBride's Dreams" (essay)
  • Jonathan Collins: watercolor image of Kerouac on the front cover
  • Allen Ginsberg: "Allen Ginsberg and the Beat Generation" (from Jack's Book: An Oral Biography of Jack Kerouac)
  • Elsa Dorfman: photograph
  • Jim McCrary: "So Long William"
    • "March 6, 2000" (letter)
    • "Last Words – A Personal Review" (essay/review)
  • Agnes Giles: 
    • "Mardou Fox and Alene Lee" (essay)
    • review of Anselm Hollo's The Collected Poems of Anselm Hollo
  • John Clellon Holmes: "John Clellon Holmes Speaks of Kit & Arthur Knight" (essay)
  • Kit Knight and Arthur Knight: "From the Diaries of Arthur & Kit Knight" (letter)
  • Arthur Knight: "The Source" (review)
  • Jim Burns: 
    • "San Francisco Jazz" (essay)
    • combined review of John Wieners' Solitary Pleasure: Selected Poems, Journals and Ephemera and Jack Spicer's A Book of Music
  • Brian Dalton: 
    • "Janine Pommy Vega in London 1980" (essay)
    • "Richard O. Moore and His Poetry USA" (essay)
  • Colin Cooper: 
    • "Joanne Kyger, 1957" (essay)
    • "Philip Whalen: Bowed Some, Chanted a Little; Philip Whalen's Zen Journals and the San Francisco Renaissance" (essay) 
  • Anne Waldman: "Strange Big Moon" (introduction to Joanne Kyger's Strange Big Moon: The Japan and India Journals, 1960-1964)
  • Lewis Lapham: "A Big Night in North Beach: The Poets Cry Out" (from "Zen Nuts, Hippies, Squares", The San Francisco Examiner, August 31, 1959)
  • Orion Pictures and Carolyn Cassady: "Heart Beat" (film production notes)
  • Mark Terrill and Kevin Ring: "William Burroughs Fights the Ugly Spirit" (interview)
  • Richard O. Moore and Charles Olson: "Charles Olson in Conversation for the NET Series USA: Poetry" (interview)
  • Tom Swift: "Richard Farina: Letters to Mimi" (essay)
  • Allyn Thomas: "Something to Do With Death" (review of Charles Bukowski's The Last Night of the Earth Poems)
  • Kevin Ring and Udo Breger: "William Burroughs and His Guns" (essay)
  • Alan Moore: review of Ultrazone: A Tangier Ghost Story by Mark Terrill and Francis Poole
  • Gregory Stephenson: review of Robert Yarra's Gregory Gave Me the World
  • Robert Sutherland-Cohen: review of Joanna McClure's For Michael
  • Eve Shaw: review of He, Leo: The Life and Poetry of Lew Welch by Ewan Clark
  • Mark Terrill and Francis Poole: excerpt from Ultrazone: A Tangier Ghost Story
  • Jaap van der Bent: "Ann Quin and the Beats" (on Between Ann & Larry: Letters 1965-1973 by Ann Quin and Larry Goodell)
  • Jim Pennington: review of Two Assassins: William Burroughs/Hassan Sabbah by Oliver Harris and Farid Ghadami
  • Eric Jacobs: 
    • review of John Wieners' Pente: A Book of Woe
    • on an upcoming Jack Kerouac documentary by Ebs Burnough
  • Francis Poole: "EBSN Cut-Ups@2023 Conference, Paris, September 12-15, 2023" (essay)
Publishing Information: 
  • Editor: Kevin Ring
  • Deputy Editor: Jim Burns
  • Research: Pauline Reeves, Erin Ring
  • Post: M. Ring
  • Layout: Scarlet Letters
  • Beat Scene in the USA: Richard Miller


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