The Village Voice, Volume 42, Number 32, August 12, 1997

On page 51 is a memorial section for William S. Burroughs (1914-1997), which includes "Addicted to Words" by C. Carr, a short biography and recollection, and "Live Fast, Die Old" by David Ulin, another crisp biographical overview, ending with a quote from Burroughs on his vision of the universe: 

"I believe in God and always have. I don't know how anyone could read my books and think otherwise. In the magical universe, nothing happens unless some power or something wills it to happen. It's as simple as that. It comes down to the Big Bang Theory. Somebody triggered the Big Bang."

Published in New York City by VV Publishing Corporation in August 1997.

Bibliographic Information: 

  • Not in Shoaf
  • Not in Schottlaender (v4)
  • Raven 19970812TVVO.42.32
Selected Contents: 

  • letters
  • Ward Sutton "New York Land" (comic)
  • Michael Musto: "La Dolce Musto" (gossip)
  • Toni Schlesinger: "Shelter" (travel)
  • Lynn Yaeger and Robert Sietsema: "Material World" (on the last days of Woolworth's)
  • Robert Sietsema: "Counter Culture: Consider the Oyster" (food)
  • Wayne Barrett: "Married to Money" (on Giuliani campaign contributions)
  • Johanna Berkman: "Flake's Long Goodbye" (on Queens congressman Floyd H. Flake)
  • J. A. Lobbia: "Ring Out the Old?" (on tenant issues)
  • Guy Trebay: "Strike a Pose" (on Voguing)
  • James Ridgeway: "A Consuming Probe" (on Citizen Action)
  • Lames Ledbetter: "Press Clips" (on Bloomberg)
  • Elizabeth Zimmer: "Cyber: Web Site Specific" (on choreographer Stephan Koplowitz)
  • Edmund Lee: "Cyber: Metrocard Hacks" (essay)
  • Jennifer Gonnerman: "The Strawberry Strategy" (on the United Farm Workers)
  • Karen Cook: "Water Whirl" (on swimming in the Hudson river)
  • Evelyn Gilbert: "Planet Prozac: Pill-Popping Displaces Psychotherapy; Drug Companies Cheer" (essay)
  • William Bastone: "Inside Vincent Gigante's Brain" (on the Mob)
  • Peter Noel: "Friends of Al" (on Rev. Al Sharpton)
  • Catherine Orenstein and Eva Rybkova: "Haitian Refugee" (on Toto Constant, death squad leader)
  • C. Carr: "Addicted to Words" (on William S. Burroughs)
  • David Ulin: "Live Fast, Die Old" (on the death of William S. Burroughs)
  • Robert Simonson: "Bookstore Blues" (on the closing of New York Bound Bookshop)
  • Dan Savage: "Savage Love" (advice)
  • assorted book reviews
  • assorted music reviews
  • assorted film reviews
  • assorted theater reviews
  • assorted art reviews
  • assorted sports
Publishing Information: 
  • Editor-in-Chief: Donald H. Forst
  • Managing Editor: Doug Simmons
  • Executive Editor: Richard Goldstein
  • Deputy Managing Editor: Karen Cook
  • Copy Chief: Jay Wilkins
  • Listings Editor: Katherine Pushkar
  • Acting Chief of Research: Athima Chansanchai
  • Deputy Copy Chief: Michael Miller, Ed Park
  • Senior Editors: Vince Aletti, Angela Ards, Wayne Barrett, Robert Christgau, David Holmberg, Andrew Hsiao, Abby McGanney Nolan, Brian Parks, Evette Porter, Ann Powers, Joy Press, Jeff Salamon, Miles Seligman, Guy Trebay, Eric Weisbard, Ross Wetzsteon, Lynn Yaeger, Matthew Yeomans, Elizabeth Zimmer
  • Assistant Editors: Dawn Binetti, Efrain Cortés, Kathy Deacon, Luis H. Francia, Holly McWhorter, Bruce Novack, Anita Petraske, Hillary Rosner, Matthew Shepatin, Robin Shulman, Jane Yeh
  • Staff: Grace Bastidas, Bernard Dove, Adamma Ince
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