Creative Camera, Issue 215, November 1982

Gysin photograph of Burroughs on the cover.

Contains "Burroughs at B2" a combination of multiple photographs of and about Burroughs coupled with Burroughs quotes from "Do You Remember Tomorrow" (Burroughs Bulletin, number two), The Job, The Third Mind, "In Present Time", and from an interview with Conrad Knickerbocker (Paris Review, 1967).

Also includes a photograph of William S. Burroughs by Bruce Rae at page 715.

A Gerald Malanga photo of Burroughs is on verso.

Published in London, England by Coo Press Ltd. in November 1982.

Bibliographical Information:

  • Not in Shoaf
  • Not in Schottlaender (v4)
  • Raven 19821100CCAM.0.215


  • "News and Views"
  • Bruce Rae: "William Burroughs after a reading at the Ritzy Cinema, Brixton, October 1982" (photograph)
  • Victor Burgin: 
    • "Gradiva" (photographs)
    • "Re-Reading Camera Lucida" (essay)
  • Ian Jeffrey: "Some Sacred Sites" (review of Victor Burgin's Thinking Photography)
  • Steve Rezencenet: "Thinking Photography" (essay on the Burgin book)
  • Nick Barnes: photo-series
  • William S. Burroughs: "Burroughs at B2" (quotes and photographs from a B2 Gallery exhibition in Wapping, England)
  • Colin Osman: "Books Received" (book reviews)
  • Gallery Guide
Publishing Information: 
  • Editor and Publisher: Colin Osman
  • Co-Editor: Mark Holborn
  • Editorial Board: Gerry Badger, Ian Jeffrey, Valerie Lloyd, David Mellor, Val Williams
  • Manager: Tony Greenhurst
  • Subscriptions: Warren Foster
  • Bookshop: Val Petrie, Grace White


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