Grist, Issue 10, 1966

Burroughs contributes "Afterbirth of Dream Now", p.16, a cut-up work.

Philip Whalen’s “Homage to William Seward Burroughs” is at page 19.

Burroughs is noted as the “midwestern sales representative for Tangier Snooker Tables, Inc.” at the rear credits.

Published in Lawrence, KS. by Abington Book Shop in 1966.

This copy of this scarce periodical came as a gift from the collection of Jim McCrary, poet, contributor to this issue, friend of and assistant to William S. Burroughs. Outskirts is eternally grateful for this kindness, and for the opportunity to include this item and share this contribution.

Bibliographic Information: 

  • M&M C150
  • Shoaf III.95
  • Schottlaender v4.C130
  • Raven 19660000GRIS.0.10
  • Michael Culbertson: photograph
  • Bob Branaman: drawing
  • Philip Whalen:
    • "Question" (poetry)
    • "Homage to William Seward Burroughs" (poetry)
  • David Ignatow: 
    • "1965" (poetry)
    • "Birthday (1948)" (poetry)
    • "Jailbait" (poetry)
  • Gerard Malanga: 
    • "It Is Only in Wealth that a Man Has Every Right to His Leisure" (poetry)
    • "Precise Mechanisms" (poetry)
    • "Bronze Maple" (poetry)
  • Walter Slade:
    • "Day Bed" (poetry)
  • Ted Berrigan: 
    • "February (on) Air" (poetry)
    • "How to Get It (Black Power)" (poetry)
  • Jim McCrary: 
    • "Dear President Johnson" (poetry)
    • "Below/Above" (poetry
  • Carol Berge: "News of the World" (poetry)
  • Barbara Holland: 
    • "The Guide of the Argo" (poetry)
    • "Only for Birds" (poetry)
    • "A Test of Strength" (poetry)
  • Henry H. Roth: "Bits and Pieces" (prose)
  • Roxie Powell: "en route Bora Bora" (letter)
  • William S. Burroughs: "Afterbirth of Dream Now" (prose)
  • Jeff Nuttall:
    • drawing
    • photographs
  • Doug Blazek: drawing and letter
  • Mike Evans: "Asylum Greens" (poetry)
  • Kent Taylor: "4-11-66" (poetry)
  • JoAnne Wilkoff: "Morbio Inferiore" (poetry)
  • Larry Eigner: 
    • "the moon up slight" (poetry)
    • "the doctors dress up" (poetry)
  • Dave Sinclair: "Ascension" (poetry)
  • Rob Rusk: "MOPE / POEM" (poetry)
  • John Fowler: "Strung Out" (poetry)
  • Theo Glove: "Sour Cream Camero" (poetry)
  • Clive Matson: "Some Game." (poetry)
  • James Ringo Angel: "Dear Father" (poetry)
  • George Kimball: "The Color of Mud" (poetry)
Publishing Information: 
  • Publisher: John E. Fowler
  • East Coast Editor: George Kimball
  • West Coast Editor: Charles Plymell
  • Stapler & fuck-off: Don Olson


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