Beat Scene, Number [Issue] 107, Summer 2023

Includes "William Burroughs Walks my Fields – A Dream" by editor Kevin Ring, a recollection of a dream in which Burroughs was a leading role, pp. 10-11.  

Also includes "When Billy Met Jimmy" by Pauline Reeves, on the 1975 meeting of William S. Burroughs with Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, p. 12.

Published in Binley Woods, England by Beat Scene Press in Summer of 2023.

Bibliographical Information: 

  • Raven 20230700BSCE.0.107
  • Kevin Ring: 
    • "First Words" (editorial)
    • "Wallace Berman" (profile)
    • "William Burroughs Walks My Fields – A Dream" (prose)
    • "Charles Bukowski: End of an Era" (essay)
    • "Jack Kerouac: Can You See the Real Me?" (on Pat Fenton's Jack Kerouac's Last Night)
    • "John Dorfner" (profile)
    • review of Simon Petherick's Jack and Barry
    • review of Anne Waldman's Bard Kinetic
    • review of Conversations with Diane di Prima, edited by David Stephen Calonne
  • Kevin Ring and Simon Petherick: "Jack and Barry: A Few Extra Words" (interview)
  • Tom Swift: 
    • "Allen Ginsberg in America" (essay)
    • "Looking for Gregory Corso in Manchester" (essay)
    • review of Diane di Prima: Book of Conversations, edited by David Steven Calonne
  • Pauline Reeves: 
    • "When Billy Met Jimmy" (essay on Burroughs and Jimmy Page)
    • combined review of Ed Paoli Igliori's Harry Smith: American Magus and John Szwed's Cosmic Scolar: The Life and Times of Harry Smith
  • Hillary Louise Johnson: "Man. Verses. Nature." (on Gary Snyder)
  • Gilbert Sorrentino: "reviews Philip Whalen in Yugen" (combined review of Whalen's Like I Say and Memoirs of an Interglacial Age)
  • Colin Cooper: 
    • "It's a di Prima Floating Bear" (essay)
    • review of Matz McLaughlin's "Ray Bremser: Disciple of Kerouac & Coltrane"
    • review of John Wieners' Solitary Pleasure: Selected Poems, Journals and Ephemera
  • Michael Kearns: "Jack Kerouac in a Bookseller Catalogue" (essay)
  • Jim Pennington: "Kirby Congdon 1924-2023" (memorial)
  • Eric Jacobs: 
    • "Philip Whalen Is Off the Wall" (essay)
    • review of The Journal of Beat Studies, volume [issue] 10
    • review of Jack Kerouac: Truth and Beautiful Meaningful Lies – A Collection of Quotes, edited by Sylvia Cunha and Jim Sampas
    • review of Steven M. Weine's Best Minds: How Allen Ginsberg Made Revolutionary Poetry from Madness
  • letters from Aram Saroyan and Larry Keenan
  • Eric Jacobs and Iris Cushing: "Mary and Jack" (interview)
  • Jim Burns: 
    • "Mambo Beat" (essay)
    • "Love, Leda by Mark Hyatt" (essay)
  • Brian Dalton: 
    • "Really Lost Books" What's This Cat's Story? The Best of Seymour Krim" (review)
    • review of Gregory Stephenson's And the Rivers Thereof: Reflections on Riverine Imagery in the Writing of Jack Kerouac
  • Simon Petherick: "Jack and Barry" (excerpt from novella)
  • Reggie Hands: 
    • review of Steve Richmond's Santa Monica Poems
    • review of Material Wealth: Mining the Personal Archive of Allen Ginsberg, edited by Pat Thomas
  • Dawn Swoop: review of Diane di Prima's Prometheus Unbound as a Magickal Working
  • Sophia Nitrate: 
    • review of Allen Ginsberg's recording The Fall of America Volume II
    • "Mary Norbert Korte: Into the Light" (essay/memorial)
Publishing Information: 
  • Editor: Kevin Ring
  • Deputy Editor: Jim Burns
  • Research and News: Erin Ring and Pauline Reeves
  • Layout: Scarlet Letters
  • Beat Scene in the USA: Richard Miller


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