Image (San Francisco Examiner), April 18, 1993

Includes "Herb Vinaigrette" by Herbert Gold, a recollection of spending time with William S. Burroughs and other Beats at the Beat Hotel in Paris in the late 1950's, pp. 22-25.

Published in San Francisco, CA. by San Francisco Examiner in April, 1993.

Thanks to Philip Smith, Bookseller, for locating a copy in the wild.

Bibliographic Information: 

  • Shoaf V.29
  • Not in Schottlaender (v4)
  • Raven 19930418SFEE.0.0
  • letters
  • Bill Griffith: "Zippy the Pinhead: Danger Deconstuction Zone" (comic)
  • Gregory B. Smith, Art Spiegelman, and John Storey: "Of Maus and Men" (interview with Spiegelman)
  • Art Spiegelman:
    • "Lead Pipe Sunday: Dead Dick" (comic)
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  • Herbert Gold: "Herb Vinaigrette" (on the Beat Hotel, Burroughs)
  • Marnie Burke: "Incite-ful Images" (on graphic design)
  • Mia Amato: "Flower of Power" (on Dahlias)
  • Zahid Sardar: "State of the Arts" (on arts at San Francisco State University)
  • Jim Wood: "Of Lemon and Greens" (food essay, recipe)
Publishing Information: 
  • Assistant Managing Editor, Features: Paul Wilner
  • Senior Editors: Michael Gray, Gary Kamiya
  • Art Director: Josephine Rigg
  • Associate Art Director and Home Design Editor: Zahid Sardar
  • Picture Editor: Penni Gladstone
  • Associate Editor: Morris Dye
  • Food & Wine Editor: Jim Wood
  • Style Editor: Jo Mancuso
  • Editorial Assistant: Robin McKenna
  • Publisher: William R. Hearst III
  • Executive Editor: Phil Bronstein
  • Managing Editor, News: Sharon Rosenhause
  • Managing Editor, Operations: Pamela Brunger Scott


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