Stiletto, Number 1 (A Ship of Fools), April 1989

[Partial item shown; a difficult item to photograph]

1000 copies printed. Metallic wrappers, with multiple fold-out full-color "broadsides".  Burroughs contributes "From the Interzone: Twilight's Last Gleamings", containing the following sections from Interzone: "The Junky's Christmas", "In the Café Central", "Dream of the Penal Colony", and "Twilight's Last Gleamings".  Burroughs' contribution also includes a fold-out reproduction of a painting by Burroughs.  James Grauerholz contributes "Notes from a Reunion", about the 1987 River City Reunion.

Published in Kansas City, MO. by Howling Dog Press in April, 1989.

This copy signed by Anne Waldman, Diane Di Prima, and Andrei Codrescu at their contributions. Acquired from Appledore Books (Waccabuc, NY.).

Shoaf II.241.
Schottlaender v4.C603.


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