The Poetry Project Newsletter, Number 18, October 1, 1974

Burroughs contributes "Une Poeme Moderne" to the final page of this newsletter. 

Burroughs is mentioned as a future reader, with John Giorno at Bernard College on October 3.

Burroughs is also mentioned in an ad for "Disconnected: The Dial-A-Poem Poets" LP by Giorno Poetry Systems and in a notice for Art and Kit Knights' Unspeakable Visions of the Individual: The Beat Book.

Published in New York City by The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church in October, 1974.

This copy addressed to Andrei Codrescu.

This copy acquired from Philip Smith, Bookseller (Berkeley, CA.).

I have another copy addressed to the [Detroit] Alternative Press (Kim Mikolowski), acquired as an archive of Poetry Project Newsletters from Type Punch Matrix (Silver Spring, MD.)

Bibliographic Information:
  • Shoaf III.212
  • Schottlaender v4.C369
  • Raven 19741001TPPN.0.18
  • William S. Burroughs: "Une Poeme Moderne" (prose)
  • News:
    • on Monday night open readings at St. Mark's hosted by Ed Friedman
    • on upcoming Wednesday night readings, including Diane di Prima, Robert Creeley, Aram Saroyan, et al
    • on Ted and Alice Berrigan's new son, Edmund
    • on Michael Benedikt and Ron Padgett at The Paris Review reading at the downtown branch of the Whitney Museum
    • on "Mantra: A Series of Poetry Readings" at the Dharmadhatu Loft, including Diane di Prima, Allen Ginsberg, John Wieners, Diane Wakoski, et al
    • on free writing workshops at the Poetry Project, led by Charles North, Lewis Marsh, Bernadette Mayer, Anne Waldman, et al
    • on Ron Padgett needing some assistance in selling Christmas trees
    • on Anne Waldman and Charles Plymell at a Bernard College reading on September 26, and futured events including Burroughs and Giorno, Erica JOng, Robert Creeley, et al
    • on the Giorno Poetry Systems double album Disconnected: The Dial-a-Poem Poets, which includes, among others, Baraka, Burroughs, Cage, Carroll, Corso, Creeley, di Prima, Ginsberg, Giorno, McClure, Olson, Orlovsky, Plymell, Sanders, Waldman, et al
    • on Yvonne Jacquette's hand-colored prints at Brooke Alexander [Gallery]
    • on requests for submissions to Bill Zavatsky's The Whole Word Catalogue, issue 2
    • on books recommended by Clark Coolidge
    • on Gregory Corso's Earth Egg, also known as Unmuzzled Ox, issues 8/9.
    • on Adventures in Poetry, issue 11
    • on The Bookstore Press' publishing of The Street by Aram Saroyan
    • on Ron Padgett and Peter Schjeldahl reading at The Poetry Center at SF State College
    • on Charles Reznikoff's Testimony: The United States 1891-1910, published by The Ferry Press
    • on Larry Fagin's residence at the Alfred I. DuPont School District in Wilmington, DE.
    • on John Wieners' Hotels
    • on The Coldspring Journal, issue 2, and other offerings from Cherry Valley Editions
    • on an upcoming lecture series organized by Bernadette Mayer
    • on Stan Brakhage and his clogged mailbox
    • on Aram Saroyan's The Bolinas Book and the first issue of Occulist Witnesses, edited by Alan Davies
    • on John Ashbery teaching at Brooklyn College
    • on George Schneeman breaking his fingers in an accident
    • on Larry Fagin injuring himself while playing in the surf
    • on Clark Coolidge getting a cold and having to cancel his readings
    • on Pitcher Scipio Spinks nursing a groin injury
    • on Ron Padgett's recommendation of Fernando Pessoa's Selected Poems
    • on Gerard Malanga becoming acquisitions editor at Freeway Press
    • on The Beat Book, being published as the final 1974 issue of the unspeakable visions of the individual, by Arthur and Kit Knight, including Ginsberg, Burroughs, Holmes, Corso, Whalen,Orlovsky, Snyder, Solomon, McClure, Kerouac, Carolyn Cassady, et al
    • on Broadway Boogie, issue 2, Spring-Summer 1974
    • on recent Black Sparrow Press releases by Tom Clark, Robert Creeley, Charles Bukowski, and David Bromige
    • on Sixpack, issues 7/8, the "Paul Blackburn Issue"
    • on an exhibition of photographs by Gerard Malanga at the Gotham Book Mart Gallery
    • on Country Cousins by Michael Brownstein
    • on a call for reviews, event listings, etc
    • on a quote by Benjamin Disraeli from Sybil
    • on Bobbie Louise Hawkins showing monoprints at Gotham Book Mart
    • on David Meltzer's Blue Rags
    • on The Second Hurricaune: A Play for High School Performance by Aaron Copland, with a libretto by Edwin Denby
    • on Stooge, issue 11
    • on Jane DeLynn's "Hoosick Falls", by Rebecca Brown
    • on recent Big Sky publications from Jim Gustafson, David Anderson, Ted Greenwald, and Ron Padgett
    • on Big Sky, issue 8
    • on cassette tapes of poetry readings published by Travelling Voices
    • on Anne Waldman at Naropa, teaching "Spiritual Poetics", and the events over the Summer there
    • on The Annals of the Cakchiquels – Title of the Lords of Totonicapan, translated by Adrian Recinos and Delia Goetz
    • on the need for cash
Publishing Information: 
  • Editor: Bill Mac Kay


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