The Marijuana Review, Volume 1, Number 6, January-June 1971

Very scarce early marijuana-interest magazine, in exceptional condition.  Burroughs contributes "Carrion Road" a short filmscript, pp. 12-13.

From GoodReads (for number 8): "The Marijuana Review was the first cannabis zine in the United States. (1968-1973) Edited and produced by Michael Aldrich, co-edited (for the first five issues) by Ed Sanders (who paid printing costs), and the Amorphia cannabis collective of Mill Valley, California. It was funded by sales of Amorphia rolling papers. The print run lasted for eight issues with the ninth being entirely dedicated to the California Marijuana Initiative, CMI."

This copy acquired from Last Gasp (San Francisco, CA.).

M&M C300.
Shoaf III.172.
Schottlaender v4.C308.


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