Le Magazine Littéraire, Number 542, April 2014

Issue centered on William Burroughs.  Includes: 

  • (a) "William Burroughs: La chimie du génie", a brief biography centered on Naked Lunch, by Marc Dachy, pp. 32-34; 

  • (b) "L'ecrivain ultime", an article on WSB by Daniel Fano, centered on the late 1960's, pp. 35-37; 

  • (c) A recollection of Jim Jarmusch discussing Burroughs, by Jean-Jacques Schuhl, pp. 36-37; 

  • (d) "C'était un caméléon", an interview between Marc Dachy and Barry Miles, about Burroughs, pp. 38-41; 

  • (e) a chronology of Burroughs, pp. 39-41; 

  • (f) "Court-circuiter le système de contrôle" by Marc Dachy, an article on Burroughs' theories on control, pp. 42-43; 

  • (g) "Le cut-up, machine à dérégler" by Guy-Marc Hinant, about the cut-up process and its history, pp. 44-45; 

  • (h) "L'oeuvre au corps" by Hervé Aubron, on the Cronenberg film Naked Lunch, pp. 46-47; 

  • (i) "Burroughs sur quelques écrivains", a set of quotes by Burroughs on other authors, p. 47; 

  • (j) "Beckett et Proust" by William S. Burroughs, pp. 48-51 first published in French here -- first in the Review of Contemporary Fiction, June 1987; 

  • (k) a selected bibliography, pp. 50-51.  

Burroughs is also mentioned in an article on drugs, "Stupéfiants!", by Laurent Nunez, pp. 52-54.

Published in Paris, Franch by Sophia Publications in April 2014.

Not in Schottlaender (v4).


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