The New York Times, Volume 93, Issue 31617, Thursday, August 17, 1944

Includes "Student Kills Man in Night Fight on Hudson's Bank and Sinks Body", pp. 1, 13, about the murder of David Kammerer on August 13, 1944 by Lucien Carr – a friend of Jack (John) Kerouac, Burroughs, and Ginsberg.  As the stabbing victim was sinking along the Hudson, Carr went to the homes of friends William S. Burroughs and Jack Kerouac.. He went to see Burroughs first and gave him Kammerer’s bloodied pack of cigarettes, and Burroughs suggested for Carr to turn himself over to the authorities. Burroughs is not mentioned in the article; Kerouac is mentioned.

Published in New York City by The New York Times in August, 1944.

Very fragile newspaper.

Bibliographic Information: 

  • Not in M&M
  • Not in Shoaf
  • Not in Schottlaender (v4)
  • Raven 19440817TNYT.93.31617


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