Art in America, Volume 101, Number 4, April 2013

Includes a review by George Pendle of a Burroughs exhibition of drawings and paintings at October Gallery, London, pp. 122-123.

Published in New York City by Brant Publications, Inc. in April, 2013.

Bibliographic Information: 

  • Not in Schottlaender (v4)
  • Raven 20130400AIAM.101.4
Selected Contents: 
  • Brian Boucher: "The Brief" (news/essays)
  • Kayla Guthrie: on Sergei Tcherepnin
  • Ranjit Hoskote: "Birth Pangs of a Biennial" (on the Kochi-Muziris Biennale)
  • Ken Johnson: "Reading with One Eye Closed" (essay)
  • Brian O'Dougherty, Barbara Novak: "Untitled Film Still" (essay)
  • Michèle C. Cone: "Disguised as a Joke" (on Deirdre Bair's Saul Steinberg: A Biography)
  • Morgan Fisher: "Architecture as Origin" (artist statement)
  • Paul David Young: "The Nothing Act" (on Alix Pearlstein)
  • Travis Jeppesen: "Art Inc. Shanghai" (on Xu Zhen)
  • Stephen Westfall: "The Hard-Edge Sign" (on hard-edge painting)
  • Faye Hirsch: "Wael Shawsky In The Studio" (interview)
  • exhibition reviews
Publishing Information: 
  • Editor-in-Chief: Lindsay Pollock
  • Managing Editor: David Ebony
  • Senior Editors: Richard Vine, Cathy Lebowitz
  • Editor-at-Large: Faye Hirsch, Elizabeth C. Baker
  • Associate Editor and Picture Editor: Leigh Anne Miller
  • Associate Editor and News Editor: Brian Boucher
  • Editorial Assistant: Sarah Cascone
  • Creative Direction: Brendan Dugan
  • Design Director: Katharine C. Wodell
  • Design Associate: Matt Owen
  • Contributing Editors: Carol Diehl, Eleanor Heartney, Marvin Heiferman, Richard Kalina, Pepe Karmel, Janet Koplos, Lucy R. Lippard, Linda Nochlin, Christopher Phillips, Peter Plagens, Nancy Princenthal, Carter Ratcliff, Raphael Rubenstein, Irving Sandler, Kenneth E. Silver, Joan Simon, Steel Stillman, Robert Storr, Charles Stuckey, Gregory Volk, Stephen Westfall
  • Publisher: Cynthia Zabel
  • President: Dan Ragone


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