Suck, Number 6 ("Special Family Issue"), 1971

Burroughs contributes "Blue Movie" and “William S. Burroughs Takes a New Look at Sexfilms”, pp. 15-16.

Published in Amsterdam, Netherlands by Joy Publications in 1971.

This copy acquired from Rödner Versandantiquariat (The Hague, Netherlands).

Bibliographic Information:

  • M&M C319, C320
  • Shoaf III.180
  • Schottlaender v4.C316
  • Raven 19710000SUCK.0.6
Selected Contents:
  • Jeanne D'Arc: "Thru the Looking Glass" (prose)
  • James Maitland Noël: "Creamers Column: This is My True Life Story" (prose)
  • Germaine Greer: 
    • "I Am a Whore" (interview)
    • "Dry Cunt Tights" (essay)
  • William S. Burroughs:
    • "William S. Burroughs Takes a New Look at Sexfilms" (quote, introduction)
    • "Blue Movie" (prose)
  • letters
  • Didi Wadidi: "Didi Fucks London" (essay)
  • Hamburg Herby: "All My Sperm All Over You" (letters)
  • Kees: "Now I Have a Tail Too" (prose)
  • Bill Balls: "Workingman's Porn" (prose)

 Publishing Information: 

  • Editor: William Cooney Laipides
  • Art Director: Willem de Ridder
  • Associate Editors: Jesper James, Billy Sugar, Dr. Gee
  • Editorial Pivot: Purple Susan
  • Contributing Editors: Didi Wadidi, Moy-Nam, Mother Boats, Herbie, Earth Rose
  • Advertising: Cynthia Balls


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