Publishers Weekly, Volume 204, Number 2, July 9, 1973

Contains a brief review by Barbara A. Bannon of Burroughs' Exterminator! in the section "PW Forecasts", p. 41.

Published in New York City by R. R. Bowker Company (a Xerox company) in July, 1973.

Bibliographic Information: 

  • Not in Shoaf
  • Not in Schottlaender (v4)
  • Raven 19730709PWEE.204.2
Selected Contents: 
  • Patricia Bosworth: "Robert Anderson" (interview)
  • letters and news
  • Lila Freilicher, Tom Hollyman: "ABA: The Convention Goes West" (review/essay)
  • Barbara A. Bannon: "An Interview with Roysce Smith" 
  • Reg Vickers: "Canadian Booksellers Showing New Vigor" (essay)
  • Susan Wagner: "Publishers May Face a 'Real Rumble' on Copyright" (essay)
  • Herbert R. Lottman: "French Firms Run Afoul of Political Censors" (essay)
  • Paul S. Nathan: "Rights and Permissions" (essay)
  • Barbara A. Bannon, et al: "PW Forecasts" (reviews)
Publishing Information: 
  • Editor-in-Chief: Arnold W. Ehrlich
  • Senior Editor: Barbara A. Bannon
  • Managing Editor: John F. Baker
  • Art and Production: Ron Birnberg
  • Associate Editors: Lila Freilicher, Peter Gardner, Albert H. Johnston, Daisy Meryles, Miriam E. Phelps, Alice K. Turner
  • Assistant Editor: Mildred Solá Neely
  • Research Librarian: Jean Norrington
  • Editor-at-Large:Chandler B. Grannis
  • Contributing Editors: John P. Dessauer, Paul D. Doebler, Robert W. Frase, Alice P. Hackett, Tom Hollyman, Herbert R. Lottman, Jean Mercier, Paul S. Nathan, Harriet F. Pilpel, Alan U. Schwartz, Roger H. Smith, Susan Wagner, Thomas Weyr 


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