The New York Times, March 1, 2006

Includes “Public Library Buys a Trove of Burroughs Papers” by Edward Wyatt, p. E1 and E8, an article on the purchase of the “Vaduz” archive by the New York Public Library Berg Collection from collector Robert Jackson. The archive was previously owned by Roberto Altmann in Liechtenstein, who purchased it from Burroughs and Brion Gysin, brokered by Richard E. Aaron (Am Here Books).

This article reproduces a page from a manuscript for Jeff Nuttall’s My Own Mag as well as a couple of images of Burroughs. Oddly, despite the intimate connection of Brion Gysin with the archive, his name is unmentioned. This article includes a quote from Burroughs-scholar Oliver Harris.

Published in New York City by The New York Times in March 2006.

This set of cuttings came from an archive of cuttings by Abel Zug (friend of Peter Lamborn Wilson/Hakim Bey), through Shiv Marabito at the Shivastan Poetry Ashram (Woodstock, NY)

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