Crawdaddy, February 20, 1972

This item contains a section entitled "Roots: Bohemia & the Ancestry of Hip – The Early Underground Looks Around", pp. 33-47 , with contributions form Seymour Krim, Sidney Bernard,  George Montgomery, Carl W. Solomon, Harvey Matusow, bridgid murnaghan, Ronald Tavel, Diane di Prima, David McReynolds, Irwin Silber, Taylor Mead, Tuli Kupferberg & Izzy Young, Gilbert Sorrentino, and Lenore Jaffee. 

A quote from Burroughs leads a poem by Gerard Malanga ("in memory of the poets of the beat generation / for allen") at page 38, and a photo of William S. Burroughs is on page 40.

Published in New York City by Crawdaddy Publishing Co. Inc. in February 1972.

Bibliographic Information: 

  • Not in M&M
  • Not in Shoaf
  • Not in Schottlaender (v4, v5)
  • Raven 19720220CRAW.X.X
Selected Contents: 
  • Raeanne Rubenstein: editorial
  • Gypsy Louie: "Whisperings" (news)
  • David G. Hartwell: "Thrilling Wonder Stories" (essay)
  • Richard Robinson: "VideOhm" (on video tape)
  • Lita Eliscu, Ed Silver, Mel Bly, Artie Wayne, and Tony Byrne: "Shandygaff" (interview)
  • Ro-Non-So-Te: "Om a Hum" (essay)
  • Greg Mitchell: "Pot Shots" (politics)
  • Paul Krassner: "The Naked Emperor" (TV transcript, satire)
  • Jason McCloskey and Judee Sill: "Judee in the Sky (Without Diamonds)" (interview)
  • Henry Edwards: 
    • "Drama in the Night (Club)" (essay)
  • Henry Edwards and Ruth Gordon: "Ruth Gordon is Hot Stuff" (interview)
  • Robert Beers: "The Acrylic Spirit of Dead Soup" (essay)
  • LP reviews
  • film reviews
  • Jean Paiva: "Kubrick's Future Shock" (review of A Clockwork Orange)
  • Brian John Murphy: review of Ed Sanders' The Family: The Story of Charles Manson's Dune Buggy Attack Battalion
  • Peter Knobler: "Blood Sweat & Tears: Search for the Road Not Taken" (essay)
  • Anne Marie Micklo: "Marc Bolan Would Be – Maybe Is – A Fine Actor" (interview)
  • Bob Gruen; photographs
  • Bernice Abbott: photograph
  • Tuli Kupferberg: 
    • "Roots: Bohemia & the Ancestry of Hip – the Early Underground Looks Around" (introduction)
    • "Post Script – 1967-1972-NOW!" (postscript)
  • Seymour Krim: "'We were the early Band of the insane'" (essay)
  • Fred McDarrah: photographs
  • Sidney Bernard: "Name of the Game is 'Roots'" (essay)
  • George Montgomery: "'The tourists were too much with their finger snapping instead..." (essay)
  • Art Young: comic
  • Gerard Malanga:
    • "in memory of the poets of the beat generation / for allen" (poetry)
    • photograph of Allen Ginsberg
    • photographs
  • William Burroughs: quote
  • Lawrence Ferlinghetti: quote
  • Maxwell Bodenheim: quote
  • Jack Kerouac: from October in the Railroad Earth
  • Gregory Corso: quote
  • Carl W. Solomon: "'HOWL written in parting gesture to me, evidently touched off big movement dubbed "Beat"'" (essay)
  • Dave Gahr: photograph
  • Harvey Matusow: "A Ramble Into Beat, Hippie & West Bronx Dream a Fragmented Yesterday – Bohemia," (essay)
  • Chuck Pulin: photographs
  • brigid murnaghan: "Faces and Horses and the San Remo on MacDougal Street" (essay)
  • Ronald Tavel: "Dr. Sagan and Sidelle" (essay)
  • Diane di Prima: "Is Bohemia Gone?" (essay)
  • David McReynolds: "What Roots?" (essay)
  • Irwin Silber: "The Working Class as Hero; a Strain of Truth in the Bourgeoisie" (essay)
  • Taylor Mead: "Eras Don't Pass" (essay)
  • Tuli Kupferberg and Izzy Young: "Interview w/ Izzy Young" (interview)
  • Gilbert Sorrentino: "'If one has never heard Bach, then Mantovani's fine'" (essay)
  • Lenore Jaffee: "Their Politics Was In Their Art" (essay)
Publishing Information: 
  • Editor: Raeanne Rubenstein
  • Design Editor: Gil Eisner
  • Managing Editor: Jean Paiva
  • Associate Editors: Greg Mitchell, Peter Knobler
  • Art Associate: Bob Eisner
  • Assistant to the Editor: Robert Beers
  • Staff Writer: T. A. Zukowski
  • President: Alfred E. Knobler


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