Intrepid, Issue 5 ("1st Anniversary Issue"), March 1965

William S. Burroughs contributes "Last Awning Flaps on the Pier".

As a side note, this is the first issue of Intrepid to include Brion Gysin's calligraphic drawing on the cover; Gysin also contributes "Three Songs from a Pot Opera" to this issue – three permutation poems.

Published in New York City by Allen De Loach (Intrepid) in March 1965.

This copy was acquired from Lorne Bair Rare Books (Winchester, VA.).

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    • cover illustration
    • "Three Songs from a Pot Opera" (permutation poetry)
  • LeRoi Jones: 
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    • "Lowdown" (poetry)
  • Paul Blackburn: "How to Get Up Off It" (poetry)
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  • Nelson Barr: "Fire Sequence (from Armaggedeon) (poetry)
  • Rai Saunders: 
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    • "Plain Song No.2" (poetry)
  • Don Mc Cown: "Quest" (poetry)
  • Art Berger: "Uncommon Down East Troika" (poetry)
  • David Rattray: "The Voyant in the Oriental Room" (poetry)
  • Herbert Huncke: "Johnny I" (prose)
  • Clive Matson: "Teardrop in my Eye" (poetry)
  • John Harriman: "Protesta II" (poetry)
  • Ed Sanders: "I Lie Down to Snarf Out a Vision" (poetry)
  • William Burroughs: "Last Awning Flaps on the Pier" (prose)
  • Allen Ginsberg: "From Allen Ginsberg's Calcutta Journal – October 24, 1962-1963, Calcutta, India" (journal entry)
  • Diane di Prima: "Ode to Elegance" (poetry)
  • Peter Orlovsky: 
    • "Whats on Top the Peramid [sic] These Days" (poetry)
    • "Dream: (poetry)
  • Carl Solomon: 
    • "Note from the Center of the Universe" (poetry)
    • open letter to Governor Rockefeller
    • "Anti-Void" (poetry)
    • "The Young Man Who Went Away" (prose)
  • Allen De Loach: "The Apparition of Holiness" (poetry)
Published, Edited, and Printed by Allen De Loach