International Times, Issue 56, May 9 - May 22, 1969

This issue's cover article ("Who's got the Fear", about a police raid on IT) includes a hat-tip to the Cut-Up method, mentioning William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin and suggesting that readers cut-up the front page. 

The four-page insert in this issue is designed to be cut into a small book, and includes "Cut Me Up + Brion Gysin + Cut Me Up", a short essay by Gysin, at page 18.  

Published in London, England by Knullar in May, 1969.

This copy was acquired from Adam Davis at Division Leap, with gratitude for bringing the item to attention.

Bibliographic Information: 

  • Not in M&M
  • Not in Shoaf
  • Not in Schottlaender (v4, v5)
  • Raven 1969050TITI.0.56
Selected Contents: 
  • unstated: "Who's Got the Fear?" (essay)
  • Graham Keen: "Labia!" (news)
  • unstated: "Flucks..." (news)
  • Lee Harris: "Notes on Love Play" (essay)
  • David Barton: "Mars Speaks to Earth" (essay)
  • Maxim Ghilan: "The Outer Edge" (on Israel)
  • Obi Egbuna: "The Little Boy of Brussels" (essay)
  • Bernard Power-Canavan: illustration
  • Ongos Delromba: illustration
  • Nada: "Ongos" (essay)
  • Miles: 
    • "The Who – Tommy" (review)
    • "Frank Zappa Versus the teenage Archetypal America theme (part 6)" (review)
  • music reviews
  • Sara: "Nnloosss! – Freeeeeeskroongeisspluntin" (essay)
  • Mark Spark: 
    • "Keef Hartley: Sacked into Success" (essay)
    • "Jimmy Page" (interview)
    • "Pop Protest: The Media is the Message" (essay)
    • "Janis" (essay)
  • assorted (incl Brion Gysin): "How to Enjoy Reality?" 
  • Simon Stable: "Droppings from the Stable" (news)
  • Reg: 
    • "Mike Absalom" (interview)
    • "Ian Anderson" (interview)
  • book reviews
  • Allen Ginsberg: "Kral Majales" (poetry)
  • Mick Farren: "A Fairy-tale" (essay)
  • Words: Peter Stansill, Felix Scorpio
  • Music: Mark Spark
  • Images/Layout: Graham Keen, Reg
  • Distribution: Paul Weston, Malcolm
  • What's Happening: Middling Sue
  • IT Missionary: Roger Phillips
  • Advertising: Ronnie Scarlett
  • Business: Dave Hall
  • Small Ads: Hamburger Mary
  • Unspecified Indispensible: Joan Gillman, Freddie, Ken, Charlie French, Gareth