WET, Issue 29 ("Time"), January 1981

A brief interview with William S. Burroughs on the subject of "time" is at page 64.

Published in Santa Monica, California by WET in January 1981.

Bibliographic Information: 

  • Not in Shoaf
  • Schottlaender v4.C513, v5.C534
  • Raven 19810100WETX.0.29
Selected Contents: 
  • Grace Zaccardi: photograph
  • Guy Webster and Elizabeth de Kooning: cover design
  • Frank Olinsky: illustration
  • Scott Cohen: "Semper Fidel" (essay)
  • Jim Trombetta and Dr. Frank Tipler: "Just in Time: Dr. Frank Tipler, Inventor of the Time Machine" (interview)
  • Data Simmons: photograph
  • John Margolies: photograph
  • Hubert Kretzschmar: illustration
  • Howard Junker: "No Time Like the Present" (essay)
  • Lyle B.; photograph
  • Lewis MacAdams: 
    • "Time Flies" (essay)
    • "Time Will Tell" (essay/interview)
  • fashion
  • Jim Turrell, et al: "Time and Again" (on Paso Robles)
  • Virgil: quotation
  • Meher Baba, et al: "In No Time" (essay, pictorial, quotations)
  • Jose Ortega y Gasset: quotation
  • Marek A. Majewski, Winston Tong, and Bruce Geduldig: "Time/Exposure" (photoseries, art)
  • Franz Kafka: quotation
  • Theodore Roethke: quotation
  • F. Yates-Brown: quotation
  • Reverend L.: quotation
  • Ann Bardach and Christopher Lee: "The Killing Time" (interview)
  • Henry Miller: quotation
  • Thomas Mann: quotation
  • Iris Schneider: photograph
  • Kristine McKenna and Merle Haggard: "Times Were Hard" (interview)
  • Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe: quotation
  • Henry David Thoreau: quotation
  • Henry Auston Dobson: quotation
  • student Q&A
  • William Faulkner: quotation
  • Leibniz: quotation
  • Corrinna Mabuse and Ralston Farina: "Time Is Money" (interview)
  • D. Nerok: photograph
  • Janet Perr: illustration
  • Charles Lo Greco: photograph
  • Bob Dylan: photograph
  • John Peaslee and Victoria Hamburg: "Time Piece" (prose)
  • Ann Lauterbach: "Above Colorado" (poetry)
  • Daphna: interview
  • Algis Burdys and Jim Trombetta: interview
  • William Burroughs: interview
  • Tajma and Paul Josephson: interview
Publishing Information: 
  • Publisher: Leonard X
  • Associate Publisher: Lyle B. Mayer
  • Executive Editor: Elizabeth de Kooning
  • General Manager: Jennifer Owens
  • Circulation: D. I. Mabery
  • Special Projects: Susan Harris
  • Editor: Debba Kunk
  • Senior Editor: Lewis MacAdams
  • Music Editor: Kristine McKenna
  • Civilization Editors: Victoria Hamburg, John Peaslee, Blair Sabol
  • Crime Editor: Robert Chandler
  • Contributing Editor: Ann Bardach
  • Design: Wippo
  • Design Associates: Laurie Handler, Carol Kelly, D. I. Mabery
  • Photo Maven: Larry Williams
  • President: Guy Webster
  • Devil's Advocate: Max Palevsky
  • Blood & Guts: Jean-Celeste Ahern, Rev. Robert Alexander, Irina Averkieff, Sidney A. Capilow, Bill Edmundson, Don Franzen, Paul Josephson, Alan Rifkin, Irv Weiman, Cherry Wood
  • Out There: Thomas Ingalls, David Reeves
  • Background: Jazz Burdist


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