Mandate, Volume 12, Number 2, May, 1986

Includes "William S. Burroughs: From a Jack to a King" by Stan Leventhal, a combined review of Burroughs' works Queer, Junky, and Exterminator!, pp. 22-23.

Published in New York City by Mandate Publications Inc. in May, 1986

This copy was acquired from Bolerium Books (San Francisco, CA.).

Bibliographic Information: 

  • Not in Shoaf
  • Not in Schottlaender v4, v5
  • Raven 19860500MAND.12.2
Selected Contents: 
  • Steven Bernstein: art
  • Josh Lloyd: "Playland" (prose)
  • Archie Rothman and Charles Higham: "The Word on Orson Welles" (interview)
  • Bill Baumer: 
    • "Fast Forward" (reviews)
    • "Safe Sex Video" (review)
  • Petroski: art
  • Will Cole: "Building Character" (prose)
  • Lobo Studios: "Lover Man" (photoseries)
  • Kinsman: art
  • John Preston: "23 and 35" (prose)
  • Falcon Studios: 
    • Cover photo
    • "Well Tooled" (photoseries)
  • R. A. Shultz: art
  • Alan McGinty: "The Guy from Wally's" (prose)
  • Freeman Gunter: "Sound/Effect" (essay)
  • Usher: "Make His Day" (photoseries)
  • Kristen Bjorn: "Breakfast in Bed" (photoseries)
Publishing Information: 
  • Publisher: George Mavety
  • Executive Vice President: Joe Greco
  • Editor-in-Chief: Freeman Gunter
  • Executive Art Director: Tony Feo
  • Associate Editor: Bill Baumer
  • Art Assistants: Jan Houston, D. Coniglio
  • Circulation Manager: C. Dederick
  • Circulation Director: Joe Derogatis
  • Alfredo: "Back to the Future" (photoseries)