Music Club, Volume 12, Issue 105, March 2001

Newspaper. Walter Rovere reviews a compilation of various artists (released by the Italian branch of AAA – Association of Autonomous Astronauts) and 
quotes Burroughs (from Ah Pook Is Here); includes a small image of Burroughs, p. 3.

Published in Fermo, Italy by Music Club in March, 2001.

This copy received from Walter Rovere; Outskirts thanks Walter for bringing the item to attention.

Bibliographic Information: 

  • Not in Shoaf
  • Not in Schottlaender (v4)
  • Raven 20010300MCLU.12.105
Contents consist of music reviews

Publishing Information: 

  • Director: Luciano Massetti
  • Editorial: Francesco Battisti, Alessandro Bolli, Rino Rossi, Walter Rovere
  • Collaborators: Andrea Di Carlo, Alessandro Di Carlo, Filippo Perfido, The Raven, Michele Benetello, Fabrizio Bucciarelli, Il Alien, Pierpaolo Loffreda, Carlo Masu, Alessandra Massi, Roberto Michieletto, DJ MESTF, Ferruccio Quercetti, Franco Canneli, Massimiliano Di Pasquale
  • Net Navigator: Luca Latini
  • Printing: Europrint Sud 


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