Festival Internazionale di Film con Tematiche Omosessuali, Number 11 ("Da Sodoma a Hollywood"), April 15-21, 1996

Loosely a periodical, in the sense that this is the annual publication of an event.  This bilingual (Italian/Engish) catalog/program of the 11th year of this festival on the topic "Da Sodoma a Hollywood" contains an extensive list of William S. Burroughs films in the section "Omaggio a William Seward Burroughs", pp. 171-195.

21 Burroughs-related films are listed and discussed including:

  • Antony Balch:
    • Towers Open Fire
    • The Cut-Ups
    • Bill and Tony
    • William Buys a Parrot
    • Ghost at Number 9
  • Derek Jarman:
    • Pirate Tape
    • The Dream Machine
  • Gus Van Sant: A Thanksgiving Prayer
  • Howard Brookner: Burroughs
  • Klaus Maeck:
    • Commissioner of Sewers
    • Decoder
  • Ron Mann: Poetry in Motion
  • Maria Beatty: Gang of Souls
  • Constanzo Allione: Fried Shoes, Cooked Diamonds
  • Joe Ambrose: Destroy All Rational Thought
  • Jerry Aronson: The Time and Life of A. Ginsberg
  • Chris Rodley: Making Naked Lunch
  • Philip Hunt: Ah Pook Is Here
  • Nick Donkin: A Junky Christmas
  • David Blair: Wax, or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees
  • Peter Christopherson: Just One Fix (Ministry video)
Published in Turin, Italy for the 11th Festival Internazionale di Film con Tematiche Omosessuali, April, 1996.

This copy acquired from Walter Rovere; much appreciation to Walter for bringing this item to attention.

Bibliographic Information:
  • Not in Shoaf
  • Not in Schottlaender
  • Raven 19960415TIDF.0.11
Content Overview:
  • "Concorso lungometraggi/Features in competition" – 9 films listed
  • "Concorso contrometraggi/Shorts in competition" – 18 films listed
  • "Concorso documenti/Documentaries in competition" – 8 films listed
  • "Panoramiche" – 79 films listed
  • "Eventi Speciali/Special Events":
    • Robert Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman: "The Celluloid Closet"
    • Randal Kleiser: "It's My Party"
    • Mario Alves Rebehy: "Su Tutto Va Bene Prendo L'Ultimo Treno"
    • "Omaggio a Mae West" – 3 films listed
    • "Trailer Programme – Jenni Olson" -- 3 films listed
    • "Videodanza/Video Ballet" – 18 films listed
    • "Omaggio a William Seward Burroughs" – 21 films listed
  • "Retrospettiva: Cinema Italiano degli anni Sessenta" – 26 films listed
Publishing Information (partial): 
  • Director: Giovanni Minerba
  • Curator: Marco Farano


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