Aspen, Issues 5/6, Fall/Winter 1967

Boxed set of text, sound, and film items, including work by Roland Barthes, Susan Sontag, Samuel Beckett, John Cage, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Robert Rauschenberg, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Morris, Merce Cunningham, Sol Lewitt, William S. Burroughs, and others. Burroughs is represented on "section 5"  of this double-issue, on one side of a flexi-disc: "Nova Express (1964) (excerpts)", an excerpt from the English Bookshop release of Call Me Burroughs.

This copy acquired from Dark Star Books (Yellow Springs, OH.).

Bibliographic Information:

  • M&M C177
  • Not in Shoaf
  • Schottlaender v4.C152
  • Raven 19671000ASPE.0.5
  • Roland Barthes: "The Death of the Author" (essay)
  • George Kubler: "Style and the Representation of Historical Time" (essay)
  • Susan Sontag: "The Aesthetics of Silence" (essay)
  • Samuel Beckett: "Text for Nothing #8" (audio, flexi-disc)
  • William Burroughs: "Nova Express (1964) (excerpts)" (audio, flexi-disc)
  • Alain Robbe-Grillet:
    • "Now the Shadow of the Southwest Column" (audio, flexi-disc)
    • "Translation of Jealousy (recorded excerpt)" (prose)
  • John Cage:
    • "Fontana Mix-Feed" (audio, flexi-disc)
    • "Score for Fontana Mix-Feed" (music score, with Max Neuhaus)
  • Morton Feldman:
    • "The King of Denmark" (audio, flexi-disc)
    • "Score for The King of Denmark" (music score)
  • Tony Smith:
    • "The Maze" (art)
    • "Drawings for The Maze" (art)
  • Hans Richter: "Rhythm 21 (1921)" (film)
  • Laszlo Moholy-Nagy: "Lightplay: Black-White-Grey (1932)" (film)
  • Stan VanDerBeek: "Site (1964)" (film)
  • Robert Rauschenberg: "Linoleum (1967)" (film)
  • Merce Cunningham:
    • interview (audio, flexi-disc)
    • "Space, Time and Dance" (audio, flexi-disc)
  • Marcel Duchamp:
    • "The Creative Act (1957)" (audio, flexi-disc)
    • "Some texts from A L'Infinitif (1912-1920)" (audio, flexi-disc)
  • Michel Butor: "Conditionnement" (poetry)
  • Dan Graham: "Poem, March 1966" (poetry)
  • Sol LeWitt: "Serial Project #1" (art)
  • Mel Bochner: "Seven Translucent Tiers" (art)
  • Brian O'Doherty: "Structural Play #3" (art)
  • Sigmund Bode: quote from Placement as Language
Publishing Information:
  • Guest Editor-Designer: Brian O'Doherty
  • Guest Art Directors: David Dalton, Lynn Letterman


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