Semiotext(e), Volume 4, Number 1 ("Polysexuality"), 1981

Burroughs contributes "The Popling", pp. 119-124.

This was published in New York City by Semiotext(e) in 1981.

This copy was acquired from Magus Books (Seattle, WA.).

Bibliographic Information: 

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  • Catherine Duncan: "Journeys of a Gentlewoman" (prose)
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    • "How to Make Yourself a Body Without Organs" (essay, translated by Suzanne Guerlac)
  • Bernard Noel: "The Dogs" (prose, translated by Daniel Sloate)
  • Peter Wilson: "The Silver Pipe Café" (prose)
  • Tony Duvert: "Countess Lulu" (prose)
  • William S. Burroughs: "The Popling" (prose)
  • Roger Moody: "The Committal" (prose)
  • Georges Bataille: "The Culprit" (prose, translated by Tom Gora)
  • Anonymous: "My Late Grandmother"(prose, translated by Daniel Sloate)
  • Pierre Benichou: "Saint Jackie, Comedienne and Torturer" (prose, translated by Charles Clark)
  • Michel de Muzan: "M" (prose, translated by Daniel Sloate)
  • François Peraldi: "Postface: Violence and Sexuality" (essay)
  • John Preston:
    • "Once I Had a Master" (prose)
    • "Letter to Jason" (prose)
  • Jason Klein: "Chorus for a Psalm" (prose)
  • Jacques Lacan:
    • "The Oedipus Complex" (essay, translated by Andrea Kahn)
    • "Saint Anne ... 1972" (essay, translated by Denise Green)
  • Various: "Do You Know Correct Terms for What Some may Call 'Sex Perversions'" (questionnaire)
  • Roland Barthes:
    • "Vocabulary" (essay)
    • "Fragments of a Lover's Discourse" (interview, translated by Catherine Duncan)
  • Chantal Maillet and Sylvie Leger: "Jouissance and Division" (essay, translated by Terese Lyons)
  • Michele Montrelay: "Inquiry into Femininity" (essay, translated by Parveen Adams)
  • Paul Virilio: "Moving Girl" (essay, translated nu John Johnston)
  • Robert van Roden Allen: "Discourse and Sexuality: Toward the Texture of Eros" (essay)
  • Guy Hocquenghem: "To Destroy Sexuality..." (essay, translated by Tom Gora)
  • Mister Marguiles: "Frontiers Broken" (quote)
  • Sylvère Lotringer: "Defunkt Sex" (essay)
Publishing Information:
  • Special Editor: François Peraldi
  • Associate Editors: Katheryn Bigelow, Denise Green, Sylvère Lotringer
  • Design/Illustration: Katheryn Bigelow, Denise Green, François Peraldi
  • Visuals: Honcho, The New York Post, Michael Oblowitz
  • Translation Editors: Thomas Gora, Roger McKeon, Daniel Sloate
  • Back Cover: Michael Oblowitz
  • General Editor: Sylvère Lotringer
  • Managing Editor: Jim Fleming
  • Editorial Committee: Denise Green, Denis Hollier, Sylvère Lotringer, Roger McKeon, John Rajchman, Pat Steir
  • Associate Editor: Lee Hildreth
  • Editorial Assistant: Brewster Joy
  • Design Editor: Gil Eisner
  • et al


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