HiLife, Volume 1, Number 10, October 1979

Includes "Sidetripping: A Portfolio – Charles Gatewood's Evil Eye", a selection of images and text from the book Sidetripping by Charles Gatewood and William S. Burroughs, pp. 70-73.

Published in New York City by HiLife Press in October, 1979.

Bibliographic Information: 

  • Not in Shoaf
  • Not in Schottlaender v4
  • Schottlaender v5
  • Raven 19791000HLIF.1.10
Selected Contents:
  • Jeff Blechman: cover photograph
  • John Todd: "Sinsemilla: Big Money, Big Violence" (essay)
  • Harlan Ang: photographs
  • John Farrell: photograph
  • Sweet William: "Cosmic Bust: A Magical Flight with The Jefferson Starship That Was Almost Grounded by the Fuzz" (essay)
  • Keith Deutsch: "Future Trends: Keeping an Eye on Tomorrow" (news)
  • Michael Hollingshead: 
    • "Highlights" (essay, interviews)
  • Michael Hollingshead and Steve Abrams: "Jung and Mescaline: Exploring the 'Third Mind'" (interview)
  • Shay Addams: "The Rise of Dope in Dixie" (essay)
  • Fred Robbins and Lee Strasberg: "Lee Strasberg: The Actors' Guru" (interview)
  • Mellon and John Tytell: "A Siamese Abbot's Miraculous Cure for Opium Addiction" (photos, essay)
  • Steve Abrams: "Jung and the Quest for the Psychedelic Unconscious" (essay)
  • Michael Musto: "Dope in the Soaps" (essay)
  • Matthew Andrews: "'My Six Months of Sunshine, Cocaine, Heroin, Sex, Free Medical Care and Continental Cuisine in a Mexican Prison'" (essay)
  • Brian Barrett: "Hash in Hindustan: A Psychedelic Pilgrimage" (essay)
  • William S. Burroughs and Charles Gatewood: "Sidetripping: A Portfolio – Charles Gatewood's Evil Eye" (photographs, essay)
  • Mark Salditch: "Great American Nostalgia: Orange Crate Art" (essay)
  • unstated: "Mushroom Magic: 10 Great Growing Tips" (essay)
  • unstated: "Good Dope, Bad Dope: Columbian Grass – A Vanishing Pleasure?" (essay)
Publishing Information: 
  • Editor and Publisher: Keith Alan Deutsch
  • Executive Director: Bernard Garfinkel
  • Creative Director: Tony De Stafano
  • Design Director: Denis Shields
  • Art Associate: Joanne Fox
  • Senior Editor: Mason Wiley
  • Associate Editor: Barbara Gardiner
  • Photo Editor: John Farrell
  • Production Manager: Nancy Stremmel
  • Contributing Editors: Michael Antanoff, Steve Hanley, Frank Lauria, Trina Robbins
  • Fashion Editor: Magi Prins
  • Music: Brad Balfour, Ira Sobel
  • Hawaiian Correspondent: Jim Kay
  • Photographic Coordinator: Steve Tindall
  • THC Consultant: Ed Rosenthal
  • Administrative: Faustino Gonzalez


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