Another Magazine, Issue 5, Autumn/Winter 2003

Fashion magazine which has taken a list of William S. Burroughs books (Nova Express, Queer, Soft Machine, Naked Lunch, Side Tripping [sic], Wild Boys, Snack, Interzone, Ghost of a Chance [sic], Early Routines, Time, and White Subway), and made fashion shoots inspired by them between pages 231-351 in the section "cut up..."; the first series – Nova Express – has Björk as the model. Heidi Klum is the model for "Interzone"

There is also a Burroughs contribution in addition to the inspiration: at page 369, in the "Another Document" section, an extract from Burroughs "The Future of the Novel" is printed.

Published in London, England by Another Magazine, Ltd. in Fall of 2003.

This copy includes a Kate Moss oversized "poster" built from 19 separate sheets, intended to be hung beside each other.

Bibliographic Information:
  • Shoaf III.428
  • Schottlaender v4.C661
  • Raven 20031000AMAG.0.5
Selected Contents:
  • multiple fashion photoshoots
  • various: "Another Thing I Wanted to Tell You" (statements):
    • Cecile Cassel: "Montmartre's narrow streets"
    • Miguel Calderon: "Vaquero pocket comic books"
    • Karl Lagerfeld: "Jewellery for men"
    • Paz Lenchantin: "Turning myself on in hotel rooms"
    • Roy Jones Jr.: "Watching animals move"
    • Sharin Foo: "Brigitte Winther"
    • Eric Goode: "Turtles"
    • Samantha Morton: "Remembering what it was like to be 16"
    • Rick Owens: "The Gustave Moreau Museum"
    • Rhys Ifans: "Then englyn"
    • Sofia Coppola: "Watching Bill Murray movies"
    • Phiiliip: "Leaving New York"
  • Matt Steinglass and Lucille Reyboz: "Tata-sombas" (photoessay)
  • Alex Marashian and Martina Hoogland Ivanow: "Turkish Oil Wrestlers" (photoessay)
  • Mark Sanders: "Another Look at Ceramics" (on Bertozzi and Casoni)
  • Lucy White: "Another Interiors Collective" (on Showroom Dummies)
  • Hannah Lack: "Another Natural Wonder" (on the work of Henrik Hakansson)
  • George Skelcher: "Another Folding Bike" (on "The Brompton" bike)
  • Nick Taylor: "Another Road Trip" (on the motorcycle in Easy Rider)
  • Hannah Hunter:"Another Fashion First" (on designer Kim Jones)
  • Alex Marashian: "Another Way Forward" (on the Poly-PEDAL Lab at Berkeley)
  • Gwyneth Paltrow, Wes Anderson, Christina Applegate, Tom Ford, Neil Labute, Sadie Frost, MArio Testino, Harvey Weinstein, Amira Cesar, Christine Jeffs, Alexander McQueen, Blythe Danner, Stella McCartney, Valentino, Steven Spielberg, Anthony Minghella, and Another Magazine: "Gwyneth Paltrow" (photos, interview)
  • Gael Garcia Bernal, Cath Clarke, Juergen Teller, and Tabitha Simmons: "Gael Garcia Bernal" (photos, interview)
  • Victor Bockris and Anton Perich: on Anton Perich and Max's Kansas City (photos, essay)
  • Kate Moss: 1.745 meter poster
  • various: "cut up..." (fashion shoots inspired by Burroughs titles):
    • Björk, Craig McDean, and Tabitha Simmons: "Nova Express" (fashion)
    • Hana Soukupova, Eric Nehr, and Cathy Edwards: "Queer" (fashion)
    • Ben, Roman, Ivan Putrov, Sam Taylor-Wood, and Alister Mackie: "Soft Machine" (fashion)
    • Jenna, Olga K., Sara, Angela, Terry Richardson, and Sabina Schreder: "Naked Lunch" (fashion)
    • Ben, Anne Meister, Amy Spurr, Ashley Bain, Richard Bush, and Hector Castro: "Side Tripping" [sic] (fashion)
    • Isabeli, Mario Sorrenti, and Andrew Richardson: "Wild Boys" (fashion)
    • Bela Borsodi and Paul Graves: "Snack"(fashion)
    • Heidi Klum, Rankin, and Hector Castro: "Interzone" (fashion)
    • Liliane, Susannah Frankel, and Paolo Roversi: "Ghost of a Chance" [sic] (fashion)
    • Matt Walsh, Derek, Willy Vanderperre, and Alister Mackie: "Early Routines" (fashion)
    • Stephanie Kunz, Horst Diekgerdes, and Venetia Scott: "Time" (fashion)
    • Kurt, Mathew, Alasdair McLellan, and Alister Mackie: "White Subway" (fashion)
  • Jo-Ann Furniss: "The Dancing Career" (on Ivan Putrov)
  • various: "Another Document":
    • "Manifestos!" (quotations)
    • Aleksandar Hemon: "Soccer Expat – Further Evidence that if God Existed, He'd Be a Solid Midfielder" (essay)
    • Truman Capote: "Nocturnal Turnings or How Siamese Twins Have Sex" (interview)
    • Sam Lipstye:"Old Soul" (prose)
    • James Boswell: "David Hume, Just A-dying" (essay)
    • Matt Thorne: "Thou Shall Not Steal" (script)
    • Steve Aylett: "Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery" (script)
    • Niall Griffiths: "Fran and the Witch and Me" (prose)
    • William S. Burroughs: "The Future of the Novel" (essay)
    • Jake and Dinos Chapman: "CNUT" (art)
    • various: "Surrealism" (quotations)
    • J. J. Charlesworth: "The best deals, personal and business" (fake want ads)
    • Endymion Patent-Law: "Six Month Horror Scope" (horoscopes)
    • Lewis Carroll: "Word Puzzle" (puzzle letter)
  • John Baldessari, Mark Sanders, and Michael Evanet: "John Baldessari" (essay, interview)
  • Emma Reeves and Yoko Ono, various photographers: "God is a Concept" (photos + text)
Publishing Information: 
  • Editor-in-Chief: Jefferson HAck
  • Creative Director: Alex Wiederin
  • Senior Editor: Mark Sanders
  • Assistant Editor: Cath Clarke
  • Fashion Features Director: Susannah Frankel
  • Editor-at-Large: Alex Marashian
  • Contributing Editor: Jo-Ann Furniss
  • Literary Editor: Dan Crowe
  • Editorial Assistant: Hannah Lack
  • Special Projects Editor: Mandie Erickson
  • Photographic Director: Emma Reeves
  • Art Director: Sylvia Gruber
  • Fashion Director Alister Mackie
  • et al


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