Out: Gay Washington's One-of-a-Kind Weekly, Volume 4, Number 32, April 30, 1981

Rare issue of a scarce periodical.  William S. Burroughs is pictured on the cover. George Whitmore interviews William S. Burroughs -- "'Red Night' Author Calls for Confrontation" -- primarily on the topic of gay self-defense, pp. 3, 12-13. On page 23 there is additionally a review of Burroughs' Cities of the Red Night by Doug Wright. Images of Burroughs by Jerry Bauer and Doug Wright.

Published in Washington D.C. by Out Enterprises, Inc. in April, 1981.

Bibliographic Information:

  • Not in Shoaf
  • Not in Schottlaender (v4)
  • Raven 19810430OUTX.4.32

  • George Whitmore: "'Red Night' Author Calls for Confrontation" (interview with William S. Burroughs)
  • Jerry Bauer: images of Burroughs, including the cover image
  • Doug Wright:
    • image of Burroughs at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C.
    • "Book Report: Sexually Obsessed Boys Bind Complex Plot" (review of Burroughs' Cities of the Red Night)
  • Kerric Harvey:
    • "Friday Night Live Collective 100 Strong" (essay)
    • "Film Clips" (reviews of films Excalibur, the Omen trilogy, and Final Conflict)
  • Richard Rogers:
    • "Atlantic City Wins Critics Jackpot" (review of Atlantic City)
    • "Women Produce Landmark Film of Rare Beauty" (review of Tell Me a Riddle)
  • William Radford-Bennett: "Baltimore Symphony Bleeds Badly on Altar" (review)
  • Susan Butrimovitz: "Mail Bag: Health Dept, MDs Collide on VD Prevention" (mail response)
  • Vey Martini: "Friends Fans Feathers: Ladies Tickled over New Les Bar" (review)
  • Gary Mason: "Nimble-Tongued Tolyado on 'Pent-Up Adolescent Sexuality'" (essay)
  • General listings and news
Publishing Information:
  • Publisher: Mike Rutherford
  • Assistant Publisher: Tim Walter
  • Editor: Doug Wright
  • Assistant Editor: Bob Freitag
  • Advertising Manager: "Rad" Bennett
  • Account Executives: Charles Butler, Vincent Drosdik, Vey Martini
  • Design Consultant: Eric Adkins
  • Office Manager: Larry Thomsen