Juxtapoz, Volume 2, Number 2, Spring 1996

Includes "Two Guys with Guns Making Art" by Gregory Daurer, a brief article on the visual art of William S. Burroughs and of Hunter S. Thompson, pp. 44-45.

Published in San Francisco, CA. by High Speed Productions in Spring of 1996.

Bibliographic Information: 

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  • Hope Urban: 
    • "Visions in the Spectacular" (art openings)
    • "Kathy Staico Schorr" (essay/art)
    • "Me, Andres & the Klan: (Or, A Strange Trip to the Deep South to Photograph White Supremacists")" (essay/photographs)
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  • Gregory Daurer: "Two Guys with Guns Making Art" (on Burroughs and Hunter S. Thompson w/art)
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  • Cr Stecyk III: "Anthony Friedkin" (essay/photography)
  • Mess Marsmatic: "Cost and Revs" (essay/art)
  • Otto Fökkus: "Brush, Palette and Pink Slip: Artists and Their Automobiles" (essay/photographs)
  • reviews
  • article on Survival Research Laboratories
Publishing Information: 
  • Honorary Chairman: Robert Williams
  • Editor/Publisher: Kevin Thatcher
  • Photography Director: CR Stecyk III
  • Curator: Greg Escalante
  • Art Director: Kat O'Laughlin
  • Managing Editor: Shay Nowick
  • Artist-At-Large: Kevin Ancell
  • Production Manager: Carlos Vasquez
  • Film Scan Tech: Dom Callan
  • President: Fausto Vitello
  • Business Manager: Maria Martinez
  • Vice President: Edward H. Riggins


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