CD Review, Volume 11, Number 8, April 1995

William S. Burroughs' Call Me Burroughs is noted as "Disc of the Month" in this issue at page 45, with a review by Dan O'Kane.

Published in Peterborough, New Hamshire by Connell Communications, Inc. in April 1995.

Bibliographic Information: 

  • Not in Shoaf
  • Not in Schottlaender (v4, v5)
  • Raven 19950400CDRE.11.8
Selected Contents: 
  • Letters
  • Shawn Ryan: "F1rst Takes: Mark Karlzen" (interview)
  • Brett Milano: "F1rst Takes: Throwing Muses" (interview)
  • Dave Helland: "F1rst Takes: Regina Carter" (interview)
  • Tom Lanham: 
    • "F1rst Takes: Bettie Serveert" (interview) 
    • "Kings and Queens" (interview with Belly)
  • Erik Flannigan: 
    • "Nirvana: The Music Remains" (essay) 
    • "SoaPBox: Nothing But The Hits" (concluding editorial) 
  • Mark Seliger: photographs
  • Joseph Cultice: photographs
  • Audio gear reviews
  • David Hurwitz: 
    • "Generation X-Pectant: Chee-Yun" (interview)
    • "Generation X-Pectant: Yefim Bronfman" (interview)
  • David Vernier: "Generation X-Pectant: Maria Bachmann" (interview)
  • CD reviews
  • Dan O'Kane: "Disc of the Month – William S. Burroughs: Call Me Burroughs" (review)
Publishing Information: 
  • Editor-in-Chief: Lou Waryncia
  • Executive Editor: Dan O'Kane
  • Assistant Editor: John Poulos
  • Classical Music Editor: David Vernier
  • Art Director: Charles Dixon III
  • Art Assistant: Dianne K. Ritson
  • Graphics Manager: Marilyn Fletcher
  • Contributing Technical Editor: Daniel Kumin
  • Publisher: Ellen A. Holmes
  • Executive Publisher: T. James Connell 


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